• Add an Error Handler to Your ASP.NET MVC Controller

    You can customize how your Controllers deal with unhandled errors (though "unhandled errors" don't really exist). 08/09/2016

  • News

    Team Foundation Server 15 RC1 Trots Out New UI

    A release candidate for TFS '15' comes with UI changes on the Web side and a slew of improvements to Agile planning capabilities, Git, Build, and Release Management, to name a few (as well gobs of bug fixes). 08/09/2016

  • Practical .NET

    A First Look at Visual Studio Code

    If you're looking for a lean, mean, cross-platform, desktop code editor then Visual Studio Code might be just your cup of tea. However, if you're used to the level of functionality you get with Visual Studio, it's important to set your expectations appropriately. 08/08/2016

  • In-Depth

    LINQ Query Enters the Age of Big Data

    Integrating distributed, in-memory computing with distributed caching can easily extend LINQ semantics to create important new capabilities for real-time analytics on fast-changing data. 08/08/2016

  • Connection Strings

    3 .NET Experts You Oughta Know

    You can get lost looking for good .NET blogs among the several dozen good ones online right now. Here are three -- from Nick Chamberlain, Thomas Levesque, and Tony Sneed -- that are worthy of your attention right now. 08/08/2016

  • Connection Strings

    Channel 9 To Live-Stream Visual Studio Live!

    Amanda Silver's opening keynote on the Open Microsoft Developer Platform, along with a slew of other selected developer sessions, will be live-streamed during next week's conference at the Microsoft campus. 08/04/2016

  • News

    .NET Framework 4.6.2 Ready for Prime Time

    The .NET team has released a production-ready incremental update to .NET Framework that sports a number of improvements to the innerworkings of the Base Class Library, Common Language Runtime, and ClickOnce technology. 08/04/2016

  • News

    Xamarin Supports .NET Standard Libraries

    Support for .NET Standard Libraries means Xamarin apps can share code among other .NET platforms, including .NET Core and ASP.NET Core. 08/03/2016

  • Cross-Platform C#

    Composable Customizations with Xamarin.Forms

    Learn how Xamarin.Forms Behaviors and Effects make it easy to customize your apps in ways you can reuse them across all of your apps. 08/03/2016

  • News

    UWP for Visual Studio 2015 U3 Released for Windows 10 AU

    With the release of Windows 10 Anniversary Update, there's now a version of the Universal Windows Platform app development tools for Visual Studio 2015 Update 3 that specifically targets it. 08/02/2016

  • News

    Docker for Windows, Mac Now Available

    The container technology company has made its tools that allow for streamlining the process of spinning up and managing Docker containers on Windows and Mac environments generally available. 08/02/2016

  • Code Focused

    Navigate Quickly from OutPut Window to Source Code

    As you're debugging in Visual C++, sometimes you'll see a message in the Output Windows and then try to go the code it refers to, which can take a few steps. Here's a little trick in coding efficiency that simplifies moving from log messages to source code. 08/01/2016

  • What Version of ASP.NET MVC Are You Using?

    This may sound like a silly thing to ask, but how do you know what version of ASP.NET MVC your application is using? 07/29/2016

  • News

    Node.js Tools for Visual Studio 2015 1.2 Improves on Productivity

    Latest update includes support for more recent Node.js release, as well as quite a few productivity enhancements and bug fixes. 07/28/2016

  • News

    Visual Studio Team Foundation Services Update: Archiving, Jenkins Support

    Sprint 102 adds two new build tasks, one for archiving files on various platforms, and another for queuing up Jenkins jobs. 07/28/2016

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