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    Visual Studio 2017 Help Resource Available Offline

    New Help Viewer option allows Microsoft books and resources for the newest VS version to be available and updated with more recent and timely information. Plus: MSDN Editor-in-Chief Michael Desmond offers his Microsoft Build insights on this week's .NET Insight Podcast. 04/28/2017

  • In-Depth

    Creating a Custom Start Page in Visual Studio 2017

    Visual Studio is all about making the developer coding experience more streamlined, allowing you to get to elements of the IDE that matter to you most. Customizing the Start Page is, well, a good start. 04/27/2017

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    New, Updated C++ Tooling in Visual Studio 2017, VS Code

    Visual Studio 2017 and Visual Studio Code are a bit more C++-friendly now that tools have improved support. Plus: Windows 10 evaulation VMs are now updated and available. 04/26/2017

  • Practical .NET

    Leveraging Contract Technology for Simpler Applications

    If you haven’t used the .NET Framework Contract tools to help guarantee code quality, it’s worthwhile to consider integrating them into your work. If you figured that Contracts were all hype, it may be time to see how they could be genuinely useful. 04/25/2017

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    TFS 2017's Team Explorer Solution Has Issues, It Seems

    A Team Explorer-like solution that was excluded from TFS 2017 when Visual Studio 2017 launched is now available, but there are still issues with quality. Plus, Team Foundation Server 2015 Update 4 is now generally available. 04/24/2017

  • Practical .NET

    Working with the Properties Window in Visual Studio's Categories View

    If you prefer to keep your Properties Window in Categories View, then here's some shortcuts you might find valuable. 04/24/2017

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    Update: Windows 10 Creators Update and SDK, .NET Framework 4.7, More

    Platform tools get some exposure on this week's roundup of news for developers in this week's podcast. Also: Who's listening, and who should we interview next? 04/21/2017

  • In-Depth

    Supercomputing with the .NET Task Parallel Library

    Huge volumes of data need near-supercomputer power to process and analyze it all. You can get there with the .NET Task Parallel Library. 04/20/2017

  • News

    SQL Server 2017 CTP 2.0 Now Available

    The RDBMS formerly known as SQL Server vNext is now out as SQL Server 2017 Community Technology Preview 2.0. 04/19/2017

  • Visual Studio Toolbox

    Code Reviews and Presentations with Visual Studio, Part 2

    Last time we looked at presentation tools that you can use to show off your work to an audience or to a team. This time, we look at tools that might be more suitable for use in code review. I also share some of my experiences using these tools. 04/19/2017

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    Visual Studio 2017 Preview 15.2 Loads Up on Workloads

    Among the highlights in this early and raw preview include additional workloads for data science, Python, and gaming, and a slew of fixes that correct one particularly vexing installation issue and errors that have cropped up in Team Explorer. 04/18/2017

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    Windows 10 Insider Preview Builds in More Linux Support

    There's no rest for Windows developers, as one of the more interesting parts of the next Windows 10 release that's accessible by insiders, Build 16176 for PC, is improved support for Windows Subsystem for Linux. 04/17/2017

  • Practical .NET

    It’s Time to Reconsider Using Contracts

    Coding by Contract was once the future of programming. It isn’t as popular now as it was even five years ago, at least in the .NET Framework community. But that doesn’t mean you can’t find the related tools useful. 04/17/2017

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    Link Roundup: Visual Studio Code Tips on GitHub, CodePlex Shuttering, Developer Podcasts

    The Visual Studio Code page on GitHub hosts a slew of tips, and CodePlex will be shutting down later this year. Bonus: Inaugural .NET Insight Podcast! 04/14/2017

  • Practical .NET

    Grouping in LINQ with Methods

    Peter follows up -- yet again – on a column on how to group results with LINQ using the SQL-like syntax with the same solution using the method-based syntax. And, no, you're not seeing double. 04/14/2017

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