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    Clang with Microsoft CodeGen: A VS 2015 Update 1 Gem

    It's just one facet of the recent Visual Studio 2015 Update 1 release, but it's one that Visual C++ developers are excited to deploy. The update also includes numerous fixes to the standard library. 12/07/2015

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    Visual Studio Code 0.10.3 Fixes Performance Snag

    Users reported a number of startup and performance issues since the beta release of Visual Studio Code in mid-November. 12/04/2015

  • Creating a NuGet Web Site

    If you read Peter's article on how easy it is to use NuGet to share project components, then you won't be surprised to find out that setting up a NuGet Web site is equally easy. 12/03/2015

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    Visual Studio 2015 Update 1, TFS 2015 Update 1 RTM

    Final releases of VS 2015 Update 1, TFS Update 1 follow quickly after release candidates that were announced during Microsoft's Connect() event in November. 12/03/2015

  • Practical TypeScript

    Overloading TypeScript Functions

    TypeScript has some "interesting" limitations when it comes to overloading functions. But it also offers you some options when you need more flexibility in declaring functions, including both optional parameters and infinite parameter lists. 12/02/2015

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    Cortana, Power BI Integration Now In Preview

    Developers can start testing a new feature that will allow users to ask Cortana to vocalize queries of data residing in Power BI-connected data sources. 12/02/2015

  • Mobile Corner

    Cortana, How Do I Add You To My Windows Apps?

    With the Universal Windows Platform, you can now build apps that truly interact with the new digital assistant for Windows. In this article, Nick Randolph walks through using Cortana to launch and interact with your application. 12/01/2015

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    Performance, Scalability Improved in SQL Server 2012 SP3

    Latest service pack comes more than a year after the last service pack, and also adds a number of enhanced monitoring capabilities. 11/30/2015

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    Microsoft Sheds Light on Open Source Developments

    Microsoft's Jay Schmelzer described the current state of the developer group's open source efforts in Redmond at a Live! 360 Conference keynote. 11/24/2015

  • Practical .NET

    The Easiest Way to Share Code: NuGet

    You want to use a DLL in multiple projects (it's even possible that other developers at your company might find your DLL helpful). The easiest way to distribute and deploy that DLL, or any other combination of files, is with NuGet. Really. 11/23/2015

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    Developers First Line of Defense When Adopting DevOps

    From Live! 360: A move to DevOps requires several key changes, including the idea that end product delivered to customers will have its imperfections. So, it's key that developers get in front of that with continuous app testing, debugging and delivery to keep the IT machine running smoothly. 11/19/2015

  • Cross-Platform C#

    What's in iOS 9 for C# Developers?

    A high-level look at some of the more interesting features of the newest Apple mobile OS that can trip up C# developers making apps for it. 11/19/2015

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    Microsoft Showcases Visual Studio Dev Essentials, Visual Studio Code in New York

    Microsoft packages a handful of developer-related services into an Essentials-style pack, and submits Visual Studio Code to beta testing. Oh yeah, and it's also being open sourced. 11/18/2015

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    Xamarin 4's New Mac Agent Gives Devs More Direct Path to iOS Apps

    New additions include the Mac agent for native iOS app development within the Visual Studio IDE, as well as a beta of Xamarin Insights and updates to Xamarin Forms and Xamarin Test Cloud. 11/17/2015

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    Sencha Ext JS Offers .NET Devs Short Cuts for Web Apps

    Preview of new plugin from the developers of the Sencha Web Application Lifecyle Management Platform allows .NET developers to write JavaScript code as if it were native to Visual Studio. 11/17/2015

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