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    VS Team Services Sprint 108 Is More Like a Jog

    Visual Studio Team Services is at Sprint 108 this week, and it might seem like a lightweight with mainly fixes, but it does pack quite a few new features -- integrating Team-based collaboration features, build and replace enhancements, Docker support -- to be worthy of attention. 11/10/2016

  • The Data Science Lab

    Neural Networks Using the R nnet Package

    The R language simplifies the creation of neural network classifiers with an add-on that lays all the groundwork. 11/10/2016

  • Practical .NET

    Organize Your Tests to Reduce Overhead

    In test-driven development, you have to decide how you'll divide your test methods between your test classes. The best solution is the one that requires the least effort on your part and implements the Single Responsibility Principle for tests. 11/09/2016

  • News

    MCSD and MCSE Titles Revamped

    Changes take effect immediately, and MCP transcripts are being evaluated now. Also, new rule: New MCSE and MCSD titles will no longer expire (but there's a catch). 11/08/2016

  • In-Depth

    What Makes SQL Server 2016 a Game-Changer

    Polybase, Query Store, dynamic data masking, row-level security, and temporal data JSON support -- just some of the new features that veteran SQL Server Live! presenter Leonard Lobel covers in this exclusive Q&A with Lafe Low. 11/08/2016

  • Practical .NET

    Defining Columns, Primary, and Composite Keys in Entity Framework

    There are two attributes you can put on your entity class properties: one is a convenience, the other is essential, and both are required when the primary key for a table consists of two columns. 11/07/2016

  • Cross-Platform C#

    Sez Who? Support for iOS 10 Speech Recognition in Xamarin

    With Apple's update to its phone OS, we look at the support that Xamarin has for it by building a simple speech app. 11/07/2016

  • News

    JavaScript IntelliSense Disabled in Visual Studio Code 1.7.1

    Just as the Visual Studio team started rolling out the October 2016 Build version 1.7 this week, the team did an about-face with an incremental "recovery build" update that disables JavaScript IntelliSense for the time being. Still, there's lots of new and enhanced productivity and debugging features to check out in this version. 11/04/2016

  • Practical TypeScript

    Browsing Objects with IndexedDB

    Peter shows how to browse a set of objects in an IndexedDB ObjectStore and, along the way, finishes up his TypeScript/IndexedDB utilities for storing and retrieving large amounts of data on the client. 11/02/2016

  • News

    Microsoft Teams Is New and Part of Visual Studio Team Services

    Microsoft Teams is a new chat-based service that's part of Office 365, used for real-time conversation and collaboration among various team members connected to projects. It's also being incorporated into Visual Studio Team Services. 11/02/2016

  • Code Focused

    Debugging Mouse Clicks and Dragging in C++

    Debugging mouse events is especially confusing, because when the debugger stops the code, most of the events go away! What tactics can we use in these situations? 11/01/2016

  • Practical ASP.NET

    SpecFlow Two-Step Parameter Conversions

    Here's how to use SpecFlow to convert plain-text scenario steps into .NET types. 10/31/2016

  • Practical .NET

    Creating HTML Helpers You Can Use in Any ASP.NET View

    An HTML Helper is a bit of Razor code that can be called from multiple places in a View. But, if you put your Helper in the right place, you can also use it from any View in your application. 10/28/2016

  • Code Focused

    Magic Forms Access in Visual Basic and C#

    Look behind the curtain on this one, and you'll see that code is quite magical in and of itself. 10/27/2016

  • Practical .NET

    The Reality of Getting Started with Test-Driven Development

    Moving to TDD with ASP.NET is not, in fact, as easy as everyone tells you it is. But it's not as much work as you might think, either. Here's what you need to do to start doing TDD in the real world with an existing ASP.NET MVC application. 10/26/2016

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