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    MSDN and TechNet Upgrade to the Cloud

    The support and community development portals for Microsoft developers and IT specialists is getting a cloud upgrade, starting with a preview of services around Microsoft's enterprise mobility technologies. Bonus: It's being open sourced. 05/05/2016

  • Changing Parameter Values with out and ref

    You might want to think of the out and ref keywords as documentation about what you intend to do to a parameter inside one of your methods. The compiler then ensures that's what you really do with that parameter and notifies developers using your method about your intentions. 05/05/2016

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    Visual Studio Tools for Apache Cordova Update 9 Now Available

    Programmatic efficiency is a highlight of this release, with a command-line option for extensions and clearer information for starting new projects. 05/04/2016

  • The Data Science Lab

    Classic Stats, Or What ANOVA with R Is All About

    New to this type of analysis? It's a classic statistics technique that is still useful. Here's a technique for doing a one-way ANOVA using R. 05/04/2016

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    SQL Server 2016 To Be Released June 1

    Microsoft's venerable RDBMS gets a major update, with a developer-enabled version that unclutters the enterprise database solution development process. 05/03/2016

  • Set Culture Information in One Step in .NET Framework 4.5

    For those developers having to create localized applications (or deal with other I18N issues), the .NET Framework 4.5 can make your life marginally easier. 05/03/2016

  • Practical .NET

    Logic Is Your Enemy

    Leveraging the right combination of object-oriented tools can keep your code simple, even as the problems you solve get more complicated. 05/03/2016

  • Visual Studio Toolbox

    14 Tools For Microsoft Azure Development

    Microsoft Azure has become one of the top cloud computing environments and we've got 14 essential tools for integrating Azure right into your development environment. 05/02/2016

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    Second Preview of Office Dev Tools for Visual Studio 2015

    SharePoint 2016 and add-in development support are highlights of this release that allows Visual Studio developers to customize Microsoft Office. 04/28/2016

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    dotConnect ADO.NET Data Providers Support Newest Entity Framework

    Providers for Oracle, MySQL, PostgresSQL, SQLite 5.5, and DB 2.0 can now work with Entity Framework Core 1.0 RC1. 04/28/2016

  • Cross-Platform C#

    Pressure Is On with 3D Touch in iOS Apps

    Add pressure-based interactions in your apps in just a few minutes. 04/27/2016

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    Xamarin's Tooling Evolves, SDK Now Open Source

    Slew of announcements from the company at its Evolve 16 event in Florida include a bevy of solutions to help developers connect to Macs to create native iOS apps. 04/27/2016

  • News

    In July, Cost of Obtaining a Developer Certification Will Go Up

    Microsoft Learning is providing early warning to exam takers that the cost of taking MCP exams, including exams for obtaining the developer-based titles, will go up worldwide at mid-year. 04/26/2016

  • Modern C++

    Don't Cast Away Const

    Too few C++ developers use const properly, or enough. A seemingly-strange guideline, suggesting you never use a particular language feature, leads to some insight about const and some good practices for you. 04/26/2016

  • Practical TypeScript

    Eliminate the Barrier Between JavaScript and HTML (or Anything Else)

    The JSX tool lets you describe your page as a set of custom elements that you define in TypeScript classes. Those elements then add to the page whatever text or code makes sense to you. 04/25/2016

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