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    AI Gets Smarter with Microsoft's Cognitive Toolkit 2.0

    Microsoft's second release of its open source deep learning framework earlier this month adds support for Java bindings, Spark, and Keras. 06/23/2017

  • Practical .NET

    Accept HTML and Script from Your Web Pages

    Sensibly, ASP.NET MVC 5 prevents users from entering HTML or Script tags into your page's textboxes, protecting you from a wide variety of hacks. However, for those rare occasions when you do need to let the user enter tags, here's how to do it. 06/22/2017

  • Cross-Platform C#

    Track Your Fitness with a Fitbit and Xamarin

    Wally shows you how to use Xamarin.iOS to create a pedometer app for a Fitbit that employs the CoreMotion Framework. 06/20/2017

  • In-Depth

    Expand Your Foundation

    In a back-to-basics session at Visual Studio Live! this week, Microsoft's Adam Tuliper encouraged developers to broaden their approach. 06/15/2017

  • The Data Science Lab

    Neural Network Back-Propagation Using Python

    You don't have to resort to writing C++ to work with popular machine learning libraries such as Microsoft's CNTK and Google's TensorFlow. Instead, we'll use some Python and NumPy to tackle the task of training neural networks. 06/15/2017

  • News

    Infragistics Ultimate UI Suite Adds Xamarin Support

    Updated: Infragistics' UI controls suite comes with Xamarin-tuned controls via a Xamarin Productivity Pack full of templates, code snippets, pre-built configuration files, and more. 06/14/2017

  • In-Depth

    How Microsoft PowerApps and Flow Can Automate, Even Save App Development

    From Visual Studio Live! Washington, DC: Microsoft PowerApps and Flow take RAD tools to another level, by automating custom application development through low-code tools. 06/13/2017

  • Connection Strings

    Viva, Visual Basic! Or, Does VB Have a Future?

    Long live the programming language that is still running strong well into the second half of its third decade. What might help it is a provision for VB-based .NET Core and .NET Standard libraries in an upcoming VS 2017 release. 06/13/2017

  • Practical .NET

    Calling Web Services with HttpWebRequest, WebClient and HttpClient

    The .NET Framework gives you three different ways to call a Web Service. However, depending on your scenario, the latest and greatest object isn’t necessarily your best choice. 06/13/2017

  • News

    A Ton of Changes in TFS 2017 Update 2 RC1

    That's not to say that the second release candidate for the most recent Team Foundation Services 2017 Update 2 weighs a ton, but the changes across the feature set have some weight to them: the introduction of delivery plans, and a bevy of work item tracking, pull request, build and release, and version control improvements. 06/12/2017

  • Mobile Corner

    Consuming REST Services from Your Mobile Application Using Swagger and AutoRest

    Consuming services is something every application needs to do. In this article, Nick demonstrates how to document a REST service using Swagger in order to make it easy to consume from a Universal Windows Application. 06/12/2017

  • News

    A Recharged Visual Studio Code 1.13 (and What's With 1.11 and 1.12?)

    There have been some significant changes to Visual Studio Code from March to now; with the May 2017 Build, specific settings that were in preview -- editor drag and drop, minimaps, to name a few -- are now enabled by default. 06/09/2017

  • Practical .NET

    Add a Multi-Select ListBox or DropDownList to Your ASP.NET MVC View

    Peter doesn't like them, but that doesn't mean you have to hate 'em, too -- here's how to add a listbox or dropdown list to your View that lets users select multiple items. 06/09/2017

  • Practical ASP.NET

    Serverless C# with Azure Functions: Implementing Webhooks

    Azure Functions can be used to trigger event-driven Webhooks. Here’s how. 06/08/2017

  • Connection Strings

    What's in WWDC 2017 for Microsoft Stack Devs?

    Apple uses the conference as a launch point for its products and services, and it behooves Microsoft developers, especially cross-platform app builders, to pay attention to new capabilities of the Apple platforms. 06/07/2017

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