• Doing Calculations Right with the Math Class

    If you do any more with numbers than just add, subtract, multiply or divide then you need the Math class. In fact, you probably need the Math class even if that's all you do. 09/15/2016

  • News

    ASP.NET Core, .NET Core, EF Core 1.0.1 Updates

    Among the list of bug fixes is one that squashes a potential security issue with ASP.NET Core View Component that can result in an elevation of privilege on systems. 09/14/2016

  • Code Focused

    Understand Conditional Breakpoints in C++

    Standard function breakpoints probably help in most of the debugging sessions. But, sometimes, there's simply too much code to check, too many objects or cases. What if you want to filter out code that generates a breakpoint? Here's a look at conditional breakpoints. 09/14/2016

  • News

    Custom Work Item Types Now a Thing in Visual Studio Team Services Sprint 105

    Full process customization gets nearer to reality with the ability to create custom work item types. Plus, work item history and release management get more refined in this month's Web release. 09/13/2016

  • News

    AWS SDK for C++ Ready for Production Use

    The experiment is over and now C++ developers can tap into the production-ready version of AWS SDK that allows them to create modern C++ interfaces to AWS. 09/13/2016

  • News

    Azure Outage Rolls Through Europe, India

    A significant disruption of Microsoft's Azure cloud services has affected a large number of customers in Europe and India, and it's really trying the patience of developers using Visual Studio Team Services, with only partial use of services back online as of Friday afternoon. 09/09/2016

  • Always Go to Production in Release Mode

    You might think that compiling in Release mode doesn't make much of a difference. You would be wrong. 09/09/2016

  • The Data Science Lab

    R Language Searching and Sorting

    A language that's data-intensive naturally should have a way to dig into the data effectively. Here's a look at some of the R functions for searching and sorting through it all. 09/08/2016

  • News

    Tagged Unions, More Literals Previewed in TypeScript 2.0 RC

    This TypeScript 2.0 release candidate shows off a few new features, such as tagged unions and support for more literal types, and flexes itself beyond excludes in the config file with support for globs and includes. Bonus: It's "stable enough for general use," says Microsoft. 09/07/2016

  • News

    What's In Store for C# 7.0

    Developers who have been taking Visual Studio '15' Preview through its paces are getting a good look at a number of key C# 7.0 features, such as tuples and pattern matching. 09/02/2016

  • News

    iOS Web Apps Debugging Extension for Visual Studio Code

    New extension allows editing of JavaScript running in a Safari browser, directly from Visual Studio Code runnning on a Windows or Mac machine. Also: UserVoice getting replaced for another feedback loop. 09/01/2016

  • Maximize Your Visual Studio Editor Window Space Fast

    If you want as much editing space as possible, you can clear all of your tool windows with just one menu click. And, in Visual Studio 2015, you can get back to your preferred layout just as quickly. 09/01/2016

  • Practical .NET

    It's Not the Names that Matter

    As you work with other developers (and seek advice from experts) you need to make sure you're discussing what matters rather than arguing about terminology. 09/01/2016

  • Practical TypeScript

    Storing Lots of Data on the Client in JavaScript and TypeScript

    IndexedDB allows you to store data on the client to let the user work offline and to reduce demands on the server. Here's enough code to both get you started and to show you the difference between doing it in JavaScript and doing it in TypeScript. 08/30/2016

  • News

    Visual Studio Team Services/TFS Offer Streamlined iOS App Delivery

    The new extension that provides continuous delivery services from within VSTS and TFS is now available in the Visual Studio Marketplace. 08/29/2016

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