• Encrypting Integer Values in ASP.NET MVC

    If you want to encrypt integer values, then you're going to need to store the result as a string. If you're also going to roundtrip those values from the server to the browser, you'll need this code. 10/04/2017

  • News

    AI-Driven Stack Overflow Bot Answers Programming Questions Within VS Code Editor

    Visual Studio Code developers can now leverage the power of Microsoft's AI-driven Bot Framework with a new extension developed by Microsoft and Stack Overflow, the popular programming Q&A site. 10/04/2017

  • Practical .NET

    The Heisenberg Developer

    There’s a potential security exploit that ASP.NET MVC leaves you open to. However, in Peter’s opinion, all the proposed solutions miss the point. 10/03/2017

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    Puppet Previews VS Code Extension

    There's now a Visual Studio Code extension -- in technical preview -- for Puppet, the software configuration management tool that automates the delivery and operation of applications and facilitates enterprise DevOps practices. 10/03/2017

  • Leveraging the HTTP Header Location

    There's more to RESTful services than just using the HTTP verbs. You should also be leveraging the Location header and status code, for example. 10/02/2017

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    VS Code Tools for AI Further Microsoft's Deep Learning Efforts

    Much of the Microsoft Ignite conference news last week focused on the company's artificial intelligence and deep learning efforts, including the new Visual Studio Code Tools for AI. 10/02/2017

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    Xamarin.Forms 2.4.0 Released with .NET Standard 2.0 Support

    With help from more than 20 open source community developers, a stable release of Xamarin.Forms 2.4.0 is out, introducing several new features and supporting .NET Standard 2.0 for consistent API usage. 09/29/2017

  • Practical .NET

    An Encryption Strategy

    Encrypting data that you want stored in your View and returned to you when the user clicks the Submit button has its own special problems. Here’s a complete solution and, as a bonus, an Encryption object you can use anywhere. 09/28/2017

  • Tips

    Ensure Your NuGet Packages Are Up-to-Date

    Setting two options can ensure that your NuGet packages are present. 09/28/2017

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    Microsoft Joins Open Source Initiative

    Microsoft, continuing a years-long transformation into a more open company, has joined the Open Source Initiative as a premium sponsor. 09/28/2017

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    VS Code Gets Java Debugger

    Visual Studio Code is getting more Java programming functionality in a new extension from Microsoft -- in collaboration with Red Hat -- that adds debugging capabilities. 09/28/2017

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    Can't Wait for JNBridge's Java.VS? Program Java in VS Code Now with Red Hat Tool

    JNBridge recently announced the upcoming Java.VS, which will allow Java programming within Visual Studio. But for those who can't wait, there's already a free tool available from open source champion Red Hat for the IDE's little cousin, the Visual Studio Code editor. 09/27/2017

  • Code Focused

    Extracting Data with Regular Expressions

    Regular expressions give Tim Patrick the creeps, but he overcame his fears by discovering specially crafted regex patterns can access data in a way that’s actually kind of cool. 09/26/2017

  • News

    Coming to Visual Studio: Quantum Computing

    One of the notable announcements at Microsoft's Ignite conference was the news that the company is making a big play in futuristic quantum computing, and those efforts will be tied into the Visual Studio IDE. 09/26/2017

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    GitHub for Visual Studio Adds Pull Request Comments from IDE

    GitHub for Visual Studio 2.3 is out, featuring a new ability to comment on pull requests made from the popular open source code repository. 09/26/2017

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