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    Xamarin Leverages New iOS 11 Functionality

    The Xamarin team at Microsoft has been updating its cross-platform development software to accommodate the new functionality in Apple's iOS 11, publishing guidance along the way. 11/07/2017

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    OutSystems Low-Code DevOps Tooling Ties In to Visual Studio

    Low-code development specialist OutSystems is further courting the enterprise by adding new DevOps features to its platform, along with Visual Studio Team Services integration to put them to work. 11/07/2017

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    AI-Based Automatic Tuning Is New Default for Azure SQL Database

    Automatic tuning assisted by artificial intelligence will be enabled by default for the Azure SQL Database service starting early next year. 11/06/2017

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    Edge Browser Switches WebAssembly to 'On'

    For the first time, the Microsoft Edge Web browser provides default support for WebAssembly, the experimental technology that lets developers write Web code in non-JavaScript languages like C, C++ and even -- with a little work -- .NET languages like C#. 11/06/2017

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    Electron.NET Uses ASP.NET Core 2.0 for Cross-Platform Desktop Apps

    Two Microsoft MVPs have collaborated on a project called Electron.NET that uses the open source ASP.NET Core 2.0 framework to create cross-platform desktop apps running on Windows, OSX and Linux. 11/03/2017

  • Practical TypeScript

    Integrating Angular 2 Directives

    It’s easy to integrate your own attribute directives into Angular 2 templates to pass data from your component to your directive, have it respond to events on your page or even have your directive fire events to be processed by the component using it. 11/02/2017

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    Visual Studio Team Services in UI/UX Revamp

    The latest development sprint for Visual Studio Team Services (VSTS) is short on new features but does tease a major revamp of the UI to improve the user experience. 11/02/2017

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    What's Coming for Visual Studio Code

    Microsoft published the roadmap for Visual Studio Code, giving developers a glimpse into upcoming features for the popular, open source, lightweight code editor. 11/01/2017

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    Microsoft Quickens C# Release Cadence, Unveils v7.1

    Here are the new features being introduced with C# 7.1, the first "point" release in the programming language's accelerated release cadence. 11/01/2017

  • The Data Science Lab

    Neural Network Batch Training Using Python

    Our resident data scientist explains how to train neural networks with two popular variations of the back-propagation technique: batch and online. 10/31/2017

  • Ouch! Stack Overflow Devs Really Don't Like Microsoft

    Microsoft programming languages, products -- and even the company itself -- graded poorly in a Stack Overflow data scientist's investigation into the most "disliked" tech offerings on the popular coding Q&A site. 10/31/2017

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    Microsoft Updates R Distro for Big Data Analytics

    Microsoft R Open, the company's enhanced, open source distribution of the R programming language especially suited for Big Data statistical analysis and data science, has been upgraded. 10/31/2017

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    XAML Controls Gallery Teaches Fluent Design for Windows 10 UWP Apps

    Microsoft is showing off its Fluent Design System across apps built for all Windows 10-based devices with the new XAML Controls Gallery that provides interactive samples built with the XML-based markup language. 10/30/2017

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    Visual Studio Mobile Center Adds React Native Code Signing

    In another Microsoft embrace of competitive technologies, the Visual Studio Mobile Center -- serving as "mission control" for mobile apps -- now supports code signing of React Native apps via its new CodePush functionality. 10/30/2017

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    Microsoft Updates Entity Framework, Even as EF Core Ascends

    Microsoft shipped a new release of the nine-year-old Entity Framework object/relational mapper (O/RM) runtime even as it cedes mindshare to the newer, lightweight, open source and cross-platform version, Entity Framework Core. 10/27/2017

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