• Practical TypeScript

    Your First TypeScript Angular 2 App

    Here's how to use Angular2 and TypeScript to retrieve JSON objects from an ASP.NET MVC controller and populate your page with the results. 07/06/2017

  • Connection Strings

    Rapid UWP Creation with Windows Template Studio 1.1

    Windows Template Studio, the wizard-based coding engine for Windows 10 UWP apps, gains momentum with a newer point release this week. Also, in this week's .NET Insight Podcast, we ask: Who are your programming heroes? 06/30/2017

  • Practical .NET

    Send the Right Error Information with HttpException

    When something goes wrong with your Web Service the decent thing to do is to return your errors in a variety of ways. 06/30/2017

  • News

    Visual Studio 2017 15.3, .NET Core 2.0 Trio Previews Now Out

    It's the third preview for VS 2017 15.3, which sports mostly fit-and-finish improvements of many user-reported issues, and second preview for the .NET/ASP.NET/Entity Framework Core 2.0 trio. 06/29/2017

  • Practical .NET

    AJAX Without JavaScript

    You like the idea of an AJAX application, but would rather not write the JavaScript yourself. You're in luck: ASP.NET MVC provides two tools that write the client-side code for you. And these tools even make sense if you’re comfortable with writing your own JavaScript. 06/28/2017

  • News

    TypeScript 2.4 Now GA

    Dynamic import expressions, enhanced string enums, and improved generics checking are just a few of the features of this point release of the JavaScript superset. 06/27/2017

  • In-Depth

    Build Web Apps Without All That JavaScript

    You don't need to write tons of JavaScript code to create a JavaScript-friendly MVVM app. Let DotVVM can take over. Here's a basic tutorial for developing with it. 06/27/2017

  • News

    Open Source at the Heart of Microsoft's Intelligent Cloud Development Efforts

    At the company's Azure OpenDev online presentation, Microsoft and its open source partners showcased a number of tools and resources meant to provide developers a leg up on developing for the "intelligent cloud & an intelligent edge." 06/26/2017

  • Code Focused

    C# Goes Back to BASICs with Local Functions

    C# finally gets the BASIC GOSUB feature through local functions, but local functions take that GOSUB-like capability up a few notches. 06/26/2017

  • News

    AI Gets Smarter with Microsoft's Cognitive Toolkit 2.0

    Microsoft's second release of its open source deep learning framework earlier this month adds support for Java bindings, Spark, and Keras. 06/23/2017

  • Practical .NET

    Accept HTML and Script from Your Web Pages

    Sensibly, ASP.NET MVC 5 prevents users from entering HTML or Script tags into your page's textboxes, protecting you from a wide variety of hacks. However, for those rare occasions when you do need to let the user enter tags, here's how to do it. 06/22/2017

  • Cross-Platform C#

    Track Your Fitness with a Fitbit and Xamarin

    Wally shows you how to use Xamarin.iOS to create a pedometer app for a Fitbit that employs the CoreMotion Framework. 06/20/2017

  • In-Depth

    Expand Your Foundation

    In a back-to-basics session at Visual Studio Live! this week, Microsoft's Adam Tuliper encouraged developers to broaden their approach. 06/15/2017

  • The Data Science Lab

    Neural Network Back-Propagation Using Python

    You don't have to resort to writing C++ to work with popular machine learning libraries such as Microsoft's CNTK and Google's TensorFlow. Instead, we'll use some Python and NumPy to tackle the task of training neural networks. 06/15/2017

  • News

    Infragistics Ultimate UI Suite Adds Xamarin Support

    Updated: Infragistics' UI controls suite comes with Xamarin-tuned controls via a Xamarin Productivity Pack full of templates, code snippets, pre-built configuration files, and more. 06/14/2017

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