October 2005 - Simplify Interoperability

How Yukon lets you take advantage of the new kernel-mode Http.sys listener for interoperable native Web services. Plus leveraging databinding in ASP.NET 2.0, the status of Microsoft security, why writing a better Windows service is harder than you might think (but we show you how), using CodeSmith 3.1 to generate code rapidly ane more.


Take Charge of Your Own Security

Microsoft has improved security for its overall platform in several key areas, but holes remain, most notably in its developer tools.

Desktop Developer

Write a Better Windows Service

Writing a Windows service is significantly more involved than many authors would have you believe. Here are the tools you need to create a Windows service robust enough for the real world.

Developer Product Briefs

Simplify Tasks Across Platforms

Take a look at the latest third-party add-ons, including one that simplifies managing, running, and scheduling tasks across platforms to enable application integration and data-center automation.

Editor's Note

VS 2005: New Goodies, Some Trade-Offs

VSTS is an example of Microsoft branching out with the new Visual Studio 2005.

Guest Opinion

Is Microsoft Enterprise-Ready?

Microsoft has a reputation for tools that don't meet quality and security requirements needed to build enterprise-ready apps. Despite recent successes, is this reputation still deserved?

Letters from Readers

Discouraging Moves From VB6 to C#

A VSM reader argues that Java and C/C++ developers should move to C#, while VB programmers should stick to VB.NET.

Practical ASP.NET

Leverage Databinding With Less Code

Databinding in ASP.NET 2.0 is a different beast from its original implementation in ASP.NET -- there are more databinding controls and a radically different approach that gets more done with less code.

First Looks

CodeSmith Professional: Generate Code Rapidly

CodeSmith Professional Edition is code-generation tool that uses a template-based approach with a syntax similar to ASP.NET's. Plus a quick look at Graphics Server .NET.

.NET Insight

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