March 2007 - Lighten Up Your Local Databases

Put local data storage on a resource diet and gain performance with the newly upgraded (and free) SQL Server 2005 Compact Edition. Plus how-to tips and advice on using .NET's native string handling capabilities, creating custom color forms, anonymous methods in C# and an interview with DotNetNuke CEO Shaun Walker.


Straighten Out Your Strings

Get better performance and productivity by relying on .NET's native string handling capabilities.

Ask Kathleen

Add Custom Colors to Your Forms

Make your Windows Forms apps shine with custom color palettes; pros and cons for creating apps with an Office 2007 look-and-feel; and drill down on anonymous methods in C# and VB .NET.

Developer Product Briefs

Product Listings: Cizer.Net Reporting 4.0 Developer Edition, More

Learn about the latest and greatest products available from vendors that provide tools and services for Visual Studio .NET.

Editor's Note

Are You a Visual Studio All Star?

VSM wants to find the rock star developers in our community and write about them. Do you have what it takes to be a Visual Studio All Star?

Guest Opinion

Blazing the Open Source Trail

DotNetNuke's CEO Shaun Walker hooked up with VSM's editor in chief Patrick Meader to discuss the formation of DotNetNuke, the project's core features, and what's next for the open source ASP.NET-based Web application framework.

Letters from Readers

More Hassle Than Help

A reader details the changes he would like to see in the magazine now that VSM is under new ownership.

What's Hot

Get Yer Hot New Downloads

There's too much going on in the Visual Studio space for any one developer to keep track of it all?so we're going to do it for you. New downloads available include Visual Studio SP1 and the latest Orcas CTP.

First Looks

Visustin: Document Code in Flow Charts

This utility parses source code and turns the logic into flow charts and UML-style diagrams.

Turbo C# 2006: Create Model Apps With C# Alternative

Check out this alternative IDE for building applications on the .NET Framework using the C# programming language.

CorgentDiagram2.5 for .NET: Automate Diagrams

CorgentDiagram is a high-end package for designing, programming and hosting charts and diagrams in Windows or Web applications.

.NET Insight

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