Entity Sequel

Can Microsoft's second iteration of Entity Framework win over skeptical developers?


Entity Sequel

Microsoft's second release of ADO.NET Entity Framework 4 could bring object-relational mapping to more developers, but exactly how many remains to be seen.


Integrating jQuery, Web Services, AJAX and ASP.NET

The jQuery library makes it easier to create applications that execute in the browser. By leveraging existing ASP.NET technologies and merging them with jQuery, you can create faster, more responsive applications.

Code Focused

Types and Tuples in .NET 4

Visual Basic 10 introduces new generic tuple classes that can help you get more done with less -- if you're careful about it.


A More Unique Identifier

With more than 340 billion trillion quadrillion (and that's no typo) possible values, the probability of having two identical GUIDs is basically non-existent.

Redmond Review

Bridging the Document-Data Divide

The Microsoft SharePoint Conference (SPC) 2009 event defied the tough economic times. With more than 7,400 attendees, SPC eclipsed the size of this year's TechEd and MIX confabs combined.


Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2 Feature-Complete Preview

In November, Microsoft released the feature-complete preview of SQL Server 2008 R2, the first major upgrade of its flagship database platform in nearly two years.

SharePoint 2010 Emerges as a Developer Platform

The Microsoft SharePoint Conference 2009 held in Las Vegas in October marked an important milestone for Redmond's popular SharePoint collaboration and publishing platform.

Product Reviews

Gurock SmartInspect Improves Application Logging

Gurock SmartInspect not only allows you to log anything you want, it includes a powerful tool for analyzing the results.

.NET Insight

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