Program in Parallel

Use PLINQ and the Task Parallel Library to take full advantage of multi-core systems.


Exploit Multi-Core Processors with .NET 4 and Visual Studio 2010

If you want to take advantage of the power of multi-core machines, you need to start creating applications with parallel processing using PLINQ, the Task Parallel Library and the new features of Visual Studio 2010.

Debugging Applications with IntelliTrace

The new IntelliTrace feature in Visual Studio 2010 promises to eliminate the pernicious scourge of "no repro" bugs by giving developers a detailed view of what happened during execution when a bug was filed. Here's how you can get started with IntelliTrace.

Ask Kathleen

Tap into the Power of Visual Studio

Daily coding is a lot easier when you know how to use Visual Studio effectively. To optimize your experience with the latest Microsoft IDE, try these practical tips and shortcuts. (Part 1 of 3)

C# Corner

Inversion of Control Patterns for the Microsoft .NET Framework

Explore new ways to manage dependencies in your applications with Inversion of Control containers and Dependency Injection.


The Mysterious Beeping Server

The rumor of the beeping server started out as a hushed whisper between network administrators.


Microsoft's Flight to Simplicity

If you've been reading Andrew Brust's Redmond Review columns and Redmond Diary blog, you know that he's expressed concern about the complexity of the Microsoft development stack.

Letters from Readers

Path to a Better IDE

Peter Vogel's June column, "Upgrading to Visual Studio 2010," got readers talking about plugs-ins and pricing.

Redmond Review

IE9 and HTML5: Deep Romance or Strange Bedfellows?

Microsoft knows HTML5 is coming, and Internet Explorer 9 (IE9) needs to implement it or face irrelevance.


Evolving User Experience with Microsoft Expression Studio 4

People demand the best user experience with the technology they use every day -- from PCs and TVs to mobile devices.

Product Reviews

Two Productivity Tools for Visual Studio 2010

The latest versions of CodeRush and ReSharper take advantage of the new features in Visual Studio 2010.

.NET Insight

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