TypeScript/Java/ASP.NET Core

  • Blazor Graduates from Experiment to Preview

    On the same day we reported "the end of the experiment is in sight" for Microsoft's Blazor project, it did indeed graduate from experimental status to a preview of a new way to do Web UI with .NET languages like C#. 04/19/2019

  • Logging in .NET Core

    .NET Core provides a framework that logging systems can be snapped into. However, what's most important about this framework is how you write your messages out. It's the quality of the message that will let you find where your problems are. 04/18/2019

  • Blazor Update: 'The End of the Experiment Is in Sight'

    Daniel Roth and Steve Sanderson of Microsoft's Blazor development team provided an update on the long-awaited, experimental project that boosts .NET development for the Web, stating "the end of the experiment is in sight." 04/18/2019

  • Managing Page Layouts in Blazor

    Blazor, like most systems for generating Web pages, supports using layout pages for repeated content. Here's what works, what doesn't (yet) work and work-arounds I've discovered for what doesn't work. 03/29/2019

  • What's New in TypeScript 3.4

    TypeScript 3.4 is out with the usual array of new features, of which a new --incremental flag can lead to faster project builds after the first such build 03/29/2019

  • TypeScript Climbs RedMonk Programming Language Popularity Ladder

    RedMonk's lastet programming language popularity report singles out TypeScript as a big mover among an otherwise fairly static ranking of the usual leaders. 03/21/2019

  • Routing Razor Pages

    By default, the URLs you use to access Razor Pages are tightly tied to file names and folders in your project -- not something you could call "loose coupling." Fortunately, you can change that. 03/15/2019

  • Extending Razor Pages

    If you move beyond the basics of working with Razor Pages, there are at least two things you should know to support creating Pages that do more than one thing and integrate with existing code. 03/14/2019

  • Missing Silverlight and Waiting for Blazor? CSHTML5 for C# Web Development Goes Open Source

    Microsoft's experimental Blazor project to allow .NET coding for Web projects via experimental WebAssembly may be getting all the attention, but new open source tooling does something similar, acting like a bridge between the death of Silverlight and the production readiness of WebAssembly. 03/12/2019

  • Navigating in Blazor

    If you're moving your application's client-side code to Blazor, then you'll want Blazor to manage navigating between pages, too. 03/11/2019

  • Blazor (.NET for Web Experiment) Hits 0.9.0

    Microsoft's experimental Blazor project for C#-based .NET Web development (as an alternative to JavaScript) has reached version 0.9.0 on its possible journey to becoming generally available for production use. 03/08/2019

  • Razor Components (Server-Side Blazor) Refined in ASP.NET Core Preview

    ASP.NET Core's Razor Components -- aka server-side Blazor -- received a lot of attention in the just-released NET Core 3.0 Preview 3 as Microsoft continues to mature its initiative to run C# code in the browser instead of just JavaScript. 03/07/2019

  • Building Razor Pages

    If you want to handle the most common pattern in ASP.NET Controllers (displaying a page and then accepting data entered into it), you can do it with Razor Pages. You'll just need less code than if you used a Controller, a View and a model object. 03/01/2019

  • Getting Started with Razor Pages: A Better Model for Web Development?

    As fond as he is of using Controllers and Views, Peter isn't sure that Razor Pages aren't a better model for Web development. But the first step, adding Razor Pages to your project, isn't as easy as it should be. And, after that, you'll want to integrate them with your existing MVC application. 02/26/2019

  • Azure Functions Improves TypeScript Support, Adds Java

    Azure Functions, Microsoft's serverless computing experience in the cloud, now officially supports the Java programming language and has also made it easier to work with TypeScript. 02/26/2019

  • Redirect Code in .NET Core

    As you invest in RESTful Web services, you need to get better at returning the right HTTP status codes to your client. Here are the redirect codes that have helper methods in your Controller and when you should use them. 02/25/2019

  • Returning Files from .NET Core or ASP.NET MVC Controllers

    You have multiple choices when it comes to returning files from your Controller to the client: It all depends where your file is. 02/22/2019

  • What's New in and Getting Started with Blazor

    There are good reasons to keep working with Blazor ... but you're going to need to make some changes. 02/20/2019

  • Configuring Your Application-Wide Objects in ASP.NET Core

    ASP.NET Core's support for sharing objects defined at startup is great ... but what if you need to set options on those objects? Here's a case study that starts off great and then descends into over-engineered madness (but only if you want to go that far). 02/13/2019

  • Microsoft Updates Blazor, Now Built on Razor Components

    Microsoft shipped Blazor 0.8.0, the latest update to its experimental .NET Web framework that lets programmers use C# and HTML for browser-based apps, a province traditionally dominated by JavaScript. 02/13/2019

  • VB.NET Popularity Still Rising

    Visual Basic.NET is getting comfortable in its new position as a top five programming language in the TIOBE index, which measures popularity based on search engine data. 02/12/2019

  • VS Code Gains Python Developer Mind Share

    Much has been written here about how Microsoft's Visual Studio Code dev team has gone "all in on Python," and the effort seems to have paid off according to a new developer survey specifically devoted to the popular programming language. 02/07/2019

  • Building RESTful Services Using ASP.NET Core

    ASP.NET Core makes building RESTful services easy and comfortable, says Joydip Kanjilal, who shows how to do just that in this article, complete with code samples and screenshots. 02/05/2019

  • What's New in TypeScript 3.3

    The answer to the headline above is basically "not much," as Microsoft describes the new v3.3 update as "a smaller release than usual." But don't worry: TypeScript error messages may be displayed in haiku form in later releases, per one proposal on the roadmap. 02/01/2019

  • ASP.NET Core: Learning the Ropes, Part 3

    Eric Vogel uses code samples and screenshots to demonstrate how to create and use the views and controller for an ASP.NET MVC Core CRUD application. 01/29/2019

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