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  • Using Global Express Entry: Auto-completion Analysis for the United States

    Walking that tight line between fast checkout and accurate data? Address autocompletion is your safety harness. Explore an analysis of Global Express Entry – from best practices to keystroke estimation – making U.S. address autocompletion fast and accurate.

  • The 7 Cs of Data Quality

    Data Quality today is, first-and-foremost, a bottom-line issue that businesses must address to stay competitive. Melissa has outlined 7 data quality principles to explain what data quality is and why it is important.

  • Tackling® International Deduplication Challenges

    Melissa shows how you can accurately identify and remove duplicate international contact records that contain multiple address columns.

  • Using Automation to Knock Down Barriers to Becoming Data-Driven

    451 Research has conducted a survey of 361 enterprises about their journey to be more data driven. Learn what these organizations cite as their greatest barriers. If you are interested in reducing your risk while pursuing data modernization, this Business Impact Brief will help you plan for the challenges ahead.

  • The Importance of Data Profiling

    Do you really know your data? Profiling is the first step in uncovering existing weaknesses in your database so that data can be captured accurately for use in analytics, business intelligence, and master data management.

  • The Build vs. Buy Challenge: Insight into a Hybrid Approach

    Data quality is important to your business – to every business. But should you buy an out-of-the-box solution, or build it yourself? There might be a better way – a hybrid way. Curious?

  • NEO GLOBAL VSM eBook Enterprise Blockchain Toolkit

    This eBook from the editors of Visual Studio Magazine and from experts on NEO Blockchain will bring you up to speed on the blockchain concepts and capabilities you need to understand right now.

  • O'Reilly Kubernetes Patterns - Reusuable Elements for Designing Cloud-Native Applications

    The way developers design, build, and run software has changed significantly with the evolution of microservices and containers. These modern architectures use new primitives that require a different set of practices than most developers, tech leads, and architects are accustomed to. With this focused guide, Bilgin Ibryam and Roland Huß from Red Hat provide common reusable elements, patterns, principles, and practices for designing and implementing cloud-native applications on Kubernetes.

  • Eight Steps to Cloud-Native Application Development

    Download this whitepaper to learn the cloud-native app development journey and the eight steps to cloud-native application success.

  • An Introduction to Enterprise Kubernetes

    Containers are transforming the way we think about application architecture and the speed at which teams can deliver on business requirements. They promise application portability across hybrid cloud environments and allow developers to focus on building a great product, without the distraction of underlying infrastructure or execution details.

  • Hands-On Enterprise Java Microservices with Eclipse MicroProfile

    An effective guide to designing, building, and deploying enterprise Java microservices with Eclipse MicroProfile.

  • Digital Innovation Through Agile Integration

    The ability to integrate APIs from multiple sources is critical to success. New approaches to enterprise integration, backed by flexible, cloud-ready technologies, are necessary. Agile integration, an architectural approach, combines agile methods and practices with technologies for the purpose of rapidly integrating applications and data.

  • The Path to Cloud-Native Applications

    For the majority of organizations, digital business means pivoting to a culture of organizational agility, where the rapid pace of demand can only be satisfied by faster and more flexible development and delivery models. As most organizations do not have the luxury of completely rebuilding their technology foundation or immediately adopting new practices and mindsets, they are embracing gradual yet fundamental shifts in culture, processes, and technology to support greater velocity and agility. Learn 8 steps to guide your journey to cloud-native application development, including Red Hat® customer success stories.

  • Accelerating Error Detection and Resolution for Developers

    Read this white paper to find out about technology that can help you detect, analyze and resolve errors in a production environment across the majority of desktop, server, mobile, and embedded Operating Systems. Learn more.