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Cizer.Net Reporting 4.0 Developer Edition
Cizer Software has released Cizer.Net Reporting 4.0 Developer Edition (CNR) to provide both ad hoc- and production-style reporting in a zero-client footprint for use with Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services. CNR now provides a set of Web services that allow ASP.Net developers to add Web-based reporting with no client install required. ASP.Net developers can add full reporting functionality to build and run reports in a matter of days, with embedded links from their own application to the CNR reporting suite. This new release allows developers to give their Business users that have absolutely no knowledge of SQL the ability to create robust self-service reports such as drill-down and other report types with enhanced formatting, charting, logos, and summary reporting—all through point-and-click design without waiting for an IT or database expert to provide them with the data and reports. And now CNR can be integrated into applications in a matter of days with Cizer's new Web services kit. $5,495 per CPU processor.
Cizer Software
Phone: 800-622-1240 or 703-554-1425

Doc-To-Help 2006 v3.1
ComponentOne's new Help authoring tool, Doc-To-Help 2006 v3.1, allows authors to create HTML or Microsoft Office Word content and convert it to any popular Help file format including browser-based, platform independent Help, or printed documentation. The new version offers support for Windows Vista and the 2007 Microsoft Office system, including seamless integration with Word 2007. Doc-To-Help not only supports Windows Vista, but offers tight integration with the Ribbon feature in Microsoft Word 2007. It also includes a new user interface that presents commands organized into a set of tabs. Upon installation, Doc-To-Help creates three Ribbon tabs automatically, providing authors with quick access to Doc-To-Help's features directly in the Word interface. Doc-To-Help 2006 v3.1 is available in two versions, Doc-To-Help Enterprise and Doc-To-Help for Word, with respective pricing of $999.95 and $749.95. Competitive upgrades, renewal pricing, telephone support, and volume discounts are also available.
Web: or
Phone: (USA) 800-858-2739 or 412-681-4343, (Europe) 0800 328 5271 or +44 (0) 1460 234636

DynamicPDF ReportWriter v4.0
DynamicPDF ReportWriter v4.0 for .NET from ceTe Software is an easy-to-use tool for creating PDF reports. It includes the DynamicPDF Designer, a new GUI tool that provides a simple and familiar environment for laying out reports. DynamicPDF ReportWriter for .NET builds on the popular DynamicPDF ReportWriter for COM/ActiveX component but adds many new features and report elements, as well as ADO.NET integration. It integrates fully with DynamicPDF Generator for .NET and DynamicPDF Merger for .NET, enabling you to use any DynamicPDF features when creating reports. DynamicPDF ReportWriter for .NET uses a new XML based file format with a DPLX extension to represent the layout of a report. You create and edit these DPLX files using the included WYSIWYG design tool, DynamicPDF Designer. Using Designer, developers as well as report designers can now quickly and visually layout reports. Licenses start at $499.
ceTe Software
Phone: 800-631-5006 or 410-772-8620

Kinesix Software has released an upgraded version of its KX EDGE product for .NET architectures: KX EDGE Version 1.5. KX EDGE allows users to monitor huge volumes of data across a networked user base using real-time graphics—without the need to develop or maintain complex proprietary software. The new iteration of the product offers several new features, including enhanced data adaptors, a 3-tier architecture, and an expanded custom API. KX EDGE requires little graphics or network programming. This allows the user to separate graphics and networking capabilities from the primary command-and-control application, simplifying the overall development and maintenance. Other features include the ability to use .NET protocols to add a range of controls to your design palette easily, including 3rd-party, custom .NET controls and ActiveX controls. This enables your third-party and custom applications to access data through the KX EDGE data-manager interface. It also enables them to connect easily with any data source using data drivers/adapters that work with a variety of protocols, including: RPCs, .NET remoting, XML, SOAP, and user-specific protocols, as well as CORBA, TIBCO, BEA, NDDS, and other middleware systems controls. For pricing details, contact Kinesix.
Kinesix Software
Phone: 800-953-5330 or 713-953-8300

Intercept Studio 4
AVIcode, Inc. has announced the release of Intercept Studio version 4.0, a .NET monitoring solution that delivers real-time, always-on concurrent monitoring and diagnostics for both application failures and performance bottlenecks. Intercept Studio 4 delivers a comprehensive view of application health by providing a "per application" and a "system-level" view of key performance metrics, while also correlating performance counter data to application behavior. Intercept Studio also enables developers and IT personnel to define how an application should behave in a production environment and monitor that application for .NET code failure, performance degradation, security, and connectivity issues. Other enhancements include operational (concurrent) monitoring, which monitors and delivers real-time notification simultaneously for any performance or code problems that occur. This monitoring includes complete root cause analysis. Intercept Studio also provides disconnected monitoring, which enables monitoring and root cause data collection on non-networked computers; collect and correlate key performance counters to provide better understanding of how application problems and system performance relate; Computer-centric and Application-centric views to allow IT teams to view the health status of their system and their applications from the application point of view; extensible reporting to leverage Microsoft Reporting Services to deliver better insight into application availability and behavior trends; and 64-bit support for providing monitoring for applications running on the 64-bit .NET 2.0 architecture. For pricing details, contact AVIcode.
Phone: 443-543-0030

Ruby In Steel Developer
SapphireSteel Software has released Ruby In Steel Developer, a Ruby programming environment for Microsoft's Visual Studio 2005. The Ruby In Steel Developer environment provides editing with syntax color coding, code collapsing, Ruby debugging, an integrated run-and-evaluate console, Ruby On Rails wizards, and Ruby On Rails project management. Ruby In Steel has script-runner dialogs to generate models, controllers and scaffolds, install gems and run rake. The Developer edition also includes tooltip documentation, enhanced code navigation, auto-expand snippets, smart editing, full analytical IntelliSense (not just "code completion") for Ruby and Rails, and the optimized, fully integrated Cylon debugger. SapphireSteel Software has also announced a free 30-day Trial version with immediate availability. The Trial Edition has all the major features of the commercial edition, including the fast Cylon debugger, IntelliSense, editing, and project management. In addition, there is a free version of the software, Ruby In Steel Personal Edition (PE), which has a slower debugger and lacks IntelliSense. The Personal Edition is available for unrestricted use and is not time-limited. Ruby In Steel Developer is priced at $249. For a limited period, early adopters will be able to buy at the launch price of $199. Ruby In Steel PE ('Personal Edition') is free.
SapphireSteel Software

SlickEdit Gadgets
SlickEdit Inc. has announced the release of SlickEdit Gadgets, a collection of free utilities for the Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 development environment. SlickEdit Gadgets is an assortment of utilities to help programmers monitor, explore, and inspect the contents of their code. SlickEdit Gadgets include Editor Gadgets, four utilities that add visual elements to your editor, such as background images and wallpaper; Command Spy, which monitors command execution and allows you to see exactly what commands you've run, how many times you've run them, and what key bindings are used to invoke those commands; File Explorer, which provides an easy way to open solutions, projects, or single files in Visual Studio; Data Object Analyzer, which inspects the contents of any clipboard operation or drag-and-drop operation from any other application; and SLOC Report, which provides a graphical report of the total lines of code in a file, project, or solution. SlickEdit Gadgets integrates with Visual Studio 2005, and will not run with previous, or express versions of Visual Studio. To download SlickEdit Gadgets, visit Additional enhancements for Visual Studio 2005 are available in SlickEdit Tools v1.1 for Microsoft Visual Studio 2005. Price: free.
SlickEdit Inc.
Phone: 919-473-0070

SpreadsheetGear for .NET 2006 v2.5
SpreadsheetGear for .NET 2006 v2.5 from SpreadsheetGear is a royalty free Microsoft Excel-compatible spreadsheet component for the Microsoft .NET Framework. SpreadsheetGear for .NET provides C#, Visual Basic .NET, Windows Forms, ASP.NET, and Web Services developers tools to receive and analyze richly formatted information, design reports, specify business rules, set up complex calculations, and provide tables of data in a form in which they are both knowledgeable and comfortable. All of Excel's financial, date, time, text, lookup, math, trigonometry, statistical, and database functions are supported. SpreadsheetGear for .NET is written completely in managed code. SpreadsheetGear for .NET 2006 v2.5 enhancements include API and GUI support for cell comments, data validation, pictures, text boxes, check boxes, dropdowns, list boxes, spinners, scrollbars, buttons, lines, many autoshapes, and an improved SpreadsheetGear Explorer Sample Solution. Limited support for custom controls with the SpreadsheetGear.Windows.Forms.UIManager class has been added, as well as API support and limited GUI support for data validation (data validation is honored upon cell entry, but cannot be changed in the Range Explorer until a future version). Also new in the v2.5 release is support for reading and writing form controls with cell references and lists (as well as the API and GUI support noted above); a reimplemented Range Explorer Borders Panel that is easier to understand and use; an improved in-cell editor now supports multiline text, wrapped text, and uses the format of the cell being edited; added support for parsing dates as yyyy/mm/dd regardless of the locale; a new Sheet property for ActiveTabChanging and ActiveTabChanged event arguments; new setters for a number of WorkbookView, IWorkbookWindowInfo, and IWorksheetWindowInfo properties related to the currently selected range and sheet; a newSpreadsheetGear.IName.Visible property; and an improved SpreadsheetGear Explorer sample solution. Pricing: $999 for a single developer subscription, $7,499 for a 10 developer subscription package.
Phone: 888-774-3273 or 913-390-4797

Studio Enterprise 2007
ComponentOne has released ComponentOne Studio Enterprise 2007, a comprehensive component toolset for Windows, Web, Mobile, and ASP.NET AJAX enabled applications. Studio Enterprise offers more than 200 components for .NET, ASP.NET, Mobile, and ActiveX. The latest release of ComponentOne Studio Enterprise introduces four new components: Schedule for .NET, Calendar for .NET, WebSchedule for ASP.NET, and WebCalendar for ASP.NET. Additionally, it provides a suite of ASP.NET components supporting ASP.NET AJAX 1.0, as well as other enhancements. New Schedule and Calendar Components appearing in both the .NET and ASP.NET versions include a built-in data layer that automatically manages one-time or recurring appointments with reminders, as well as related collections such as contacts, categories, labels, and resources; day, week, work week, and month data views in one control; Office 2007-style AutoFormats; and Outlook-style appointments with recurrence and reminders. New feature sets appearing in the ASP.NET version only include a rich client-side object model; codeless AJAX support; and is ASP.NET AJAX ready. New WebGrid for ASP.NET features include Banded Headers, which are multilevel column headers that allow developers to insert a hierarchical structure within grid columns and Virtual Scrolling, a built-in AJAX feature that loads data from the server automatically on demand. ComponentOne Studio Enterprise is priced at $999.99. Current ComponentOne customers can upgrade to ComponentOne Studio Enterprise for $749.99. Renewal pricing for current subscribers is available for $599.99.
Web: or
Phone: (USA) 800-858-2739 or 412-681-4343, (Europe) 0800 328 5271 or +44 (0) 1460 234636

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