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    .NET Continues Its Broad Reach

    Right now is best time to be a .NET developer, said Microsoft's James Montemagno in a Visual Studio Live! keynote address. "It enables us to develop code on any OS we want, it has great tools for Visual Studio, it works with amazing languages, and there's a beautiful community of developers creating awesome libraries." 03/16/2018

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    Visual Studio Live! Keynote: Go with the Creative Flow

    "In this ever changing and evolving world of technology, we have to be innovating to stay ahead," said Microsoft's Kasey Uhlenhuth in her keynote address at Visual Studio Live! in Las Vegas. 03/16/2018

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    What's New in TypeScript 2.8 RC

    Microsoft is seeking developer feedback for the new TypeScript 2.8 release candidate, featuring new conditional types and more. 03/16/2018

  • Finding What's Changed in Your Code

    If your source control system won't tell you what's changed, Visual Studio is glad to help. It's just that the option is hard to get to. 03/15/2018

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    VB 6 Tops Stack Overflow's 'Most Dreaded' Programming Language List ... Again

    Although Microsoft programming languages fared quite well in Stack Overflow's huge new developer survey, Visual Basic 6 was again named the "most dreaded" language -- just like last year, and the year before -- with VB.NET and VBA not far behind. 03/13/2018

  • Converting Your ASP.NET Web Forms Application to ASP.NET MVC

    There are a lot of Web Forms applications out there ... but the future belongs to MVC. Here's Peter's advice on what to do about that. 03/12/2018

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    Microsoft's Programming Language Approach Pays Off, Popularity Report Says

    RedMonk's latest programming language popularity report says Microsoft's multi-language approach is paying off, giving the company the "most to crow about" among all vendors. 03/09/2018

  • Practical ASP.NET

    Testing Precompiled Azure Functions Locally with Storage Emulator

    If you're coding Azure Functions in Visual Studio 2017 to work with Azure Storage, one tool that can assist when running functions locally is the Microsoft Azure Storage Emulator, as shown in this hands-on tutorial. 03/08/2018

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    What's New in Visual Studio Code 1.21 (February Release)

    The February 2018 edition of Microsoft's lightweight, cross-platform and open source Visual Studio Code editor has shipped, with new notifications functionality, Integrated Terminal splitting and much more. 03/08/2018

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    Microsoft Announces 'Windows ML' Platform for AI-Assisted Windows 10 Apps

    Microsoft today said Windows 10 developers will soon be able to more easily infuse artificial intelligence functionality into their apps with the help of a new machine learning platform coming in the next update of the OS. 03/07/2018

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    VS Code Team Posts Help Wanted Ad for More Python

    Microsoft has gone all in on Python for its cross-platform, open source code editor and is now seeking more dev help after hiring the creator of a popular Python extension (7 million installs) and taking ownership of the project. 03/07/2018

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    What's New in Visual Studio for Mac 7.4

    Microsoft this week announced the availability of Visual Studio for Mac 7.4, which now supports recent versions of Android, macOS and C# among many other new features. 03/07/2018

  • Practical TypeScript

    Copying Classes in TypeScript

    If you need to create a version of a class from several sources or just want to merge default values with a user's input, object spreading solves your problem. JavaScript won't let you do this (yet) but TypeScript will. 03/06/2018

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    What's New in Visual Studio 2017 15.6

    Microsoft shipped Visual Studio 2017 15.6 with improved performance -- especially in solution load times -- topping the list of new features and enhancements. 03/06/2018

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