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How .NET MAUI Changes the Cross-Platform Game Summit

Join our panel of experts in this free, two-hour virtual summit as they delve deep into these questions and offer their firsthand experiences, strategies and recommendations for mastering .NET MAUI. Whether you're a seasoned developer or just starting with cross-platform development -- working for the enterprise or yourself -- you won't want to miss these insights. Dive into the future of app development with .NET MAUI by registering now!

Duration: 2 hours

Transitioning from Xamarin.Forms to .NET MAUI: Key Takeaways

This session dives into real-world procedures for transitioning your application from Xamarin to .NET MAUI. Attendees will see the transition process from beginning to end, including the methods to ensure that you benefit from the full power and reduced complexity of .NET MAUI.

Duration: 2 hours

From Good to Great: Building Exceptional Mobile Apps with Modern Best Practices

Learn how to drive in-app engagement, retention, and conversions using modern UX techniques, in-app messaging, and more.

AI Automation for Industrial IoT with Windows 10 Enterprise IoT

The public's fascination with this particular generative AI application notwithstanding, the most significant impact of this category of technologies is likely to occur behind the scenes in both industrial and edge applications. Learn more.

Enhancing Mobile App Security: Strategies for Conquering Business Obstacles

In this webinar, an impressive trio of mobile app experts will share strategies to help organizations follow a mobile first mindset, which includes app shielding that keeps apps protected from unknown attacks, thus making efficient use of developers’ time.

Turning to technology to respond to a huge rise in high profile breaches

Join George Gerchow, CISO, Sumo Logic, and Stefan Tapp Senior Solutions Engineer APJ, Sumo Logic as they discuss how Australian organisations are using technology to combat attacks, strengthen their security postures and alleviate the additional burdens such attacks place on their security teams.

MoneyTree Achieves Compliance and Speeds Innovation with AWS and Sumo Logic

Learn how MoneyTree uses AWS and Sumo Logic to help financial institutions better connect with consumers through real-time machine data analytics for operational and security insights.

Best Practices for AWS Monitoring

For many organizations, AWS is central to their ability to compete effectively in today’s digital world. Ensuring the reliability of the applications that power their business can be an important competitive differentiator that requires a robust observability strategy. Learn more.

Turning to Technology to Respond to a Huge Rise in High Profile Breaches

This invitation-only event is designed to facilitate an open discussion among industry peers focusing on the events and responses surrounding some of Australia’s most prominent breaches in 2022, establishing an effective framework following the Australian government's substantial increase in data breach fines, and more.

What's Hot and What's New for Blazor in 2023 Summit

That's why the editors of VisualStudioMagazine.com have created this two-hour mini-summit featuring independent experts who will walk you through what's new and what's hot in Blazor plus a look at some of the hottest third-party tools that work with it. Best of all it's completely free. Don't miss it!

Duration: 2 hours

Best Practices for AWS Monitoring

In this webinar, you will learn observability best practices that can help you best leverage your AWS data. Learn more!

WebCMS to WebOps: A Conversation with Nestlé's WebCMS Product Manager

Join us to learn how WebOps differs from WebCMS and allows organizations to transcend silos, why companies like Nestle chose a WebOps solution to address those challenges, and more!

Build vs Buy: Is Managing Customer Identity Slowing Your Time to Market?

As businesses grow and add features, maintaining a homegrown solution is a major drain on resources. Developer time spent on DIY identity, security and privacy compliance is time taken away from core business innovation. Join in to learn more!

MARA: The Journey to Open-Telemetry

Join us as we discuss the advantages, challenges, and process of adding OpenTelemetry to MARA in a supportable and extensible way. By standardizing on OpenTelemetry for collection, MARA can support any observability platform that supports OpenTelemetry.

Is it ODD to shift left? Building elite DevSecOps performers

This webinar, led by Sumo Logic’s Field CTO Colin Fallwell, will explore how elite performing teams maintain top-notch digital experiences for their customers by shifting security and observability left with two emerging practices, DevSecOps and Observability-Driven Development (ODD). Learn more!