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  • Application Performance Management: It’s Not Just for IT Anymore White Paper Cover

    Application Performance Management tools are playing a larger and more important role in enabling IT to move applications rom on-premises to the cloud. Find out why and what that means in this technical article.

  • The Cloud Application Performance Management Paradox White Paper Cover

    Application Performance Management (APM) might not be top of mind for companies moving to the cloud, but it should be. Here’s how to handle APM in the cloud.

  • DataTorrent RTS: Real-Time Streaming Analytics for Big Data White Paper Cover

    DataTorrent RTS, the industry’s only open source enterprise-grade unified stream and batch platform for Hadoop, is now available as open source Project Apex. Learn the architecture by reading this whitepaper.

  • Gartner Cool Vendors in In-Memory Computing Technologies, 2015 White Paper Cover

    Gartner, the world's leading information technology research and advisory company, recently released a report on in-memory computing technologies. View the Gartner Cool Vendor In-Memory Computing to learn more about DataTorrent.

  • The Top 30 Data Quality Issues We’ve Encountered Over 30 Years in the Industry White Paper Cover

    Download our free Melissa Data Magazine to learn the top 30 most pervasive data quality issues you need to know about – and what you can do to solve them!

  • Enterprise Imaging on the Web White Paper Cover

    Tips and techniques for solving the challenges of modern browser support for multipage document image formats like PDF and TIFF.

  • Scanning on the Web White Paper Cover

    Developer Tips for Scanning on the Web: This whitepaper provides tips for developers on how to enable scanning capabilities in their web applications and outlines four methods for capturing documents into digital enterprise imaging solutions.

  • Boosting Agile Velocity with Factory as a Service on Azure White Paper Cover

    Explore the evolution of Agile methodology and how Factory as a Service (FaaS) delivers a revolutionary, automated, cost-saving boost to Agile software development for the Microsoft Azure Cloud platform.

  • Accelerate Time to Market with Change Impact Testing White Paper Cover

    QA teams don’t have time to test everything yet they can’t afford to ship buggy code. Learn how organizations can help shrink their testing cycles and reduce regression risk by focusing their manual and automated testing based on the impact of change.

  • Development Testing For Java Applications White Paper Cover

    Learn how a development testing platform can be used in conjunction with open source solutions to help you fix more of the quality and security issues in your Java code that matter, with your existing resources and a unified process across the enterprise.

  • Development Testing for Agile Enterprises: Helping Teams Maximize Velocity White Paper Cover

    Companies need to get their products to market faster to remain competitive and capitalize on market opportunity. Learn how the Coverity platform seamlessly integrates with Agile development methodologies and tools to help maximize development efficiencies.

  • Transforming Software Testing Through Automation White Paper Cover

    Test your code as you write it. That’s a common mantra heard in many development teams today. However, for too many, that practice remains a lofty goal as opposed to a business reality. They lack the appropriate metrics and processes to make and measure progress and often underestimate the effort required to manage the cultural change.

  • The Developer’s Guide to the New .NET White Paper Cover

    This whitepaper is no fluff–just a developer-to-developer breakdown of what’s in store for .NET in 2015. Included are code snippets and step-by-step tutorials on handy new features and techniques.

  • Unified Communications: The Layman's Guide

    In this white paper contributing Ziff Davis analyst Cindy Waxer breaks down unified communications by defining it, explaining how it works, ROI, UC challenges in an organization, and questions IT leaders need to ask before deployment. Read now!

  • Contact Center Solutions Comparison Guide

    This comparison guide provides the top 10 providers and highlights key features to look for when considering a hosted solution for your business call center.

  • The Need for Improved Software Quality

    Learn the results of research from Osterman Research on the security of various types of software; their vulnerability to malware, hackers, and other threats; and recommendations for improvement. Read now!

  • Beginning the Move into Hybrid Clouds

    Moving data and applications to the cloud is going to happen eventually. Hybrid clouds offer most of the advantages, and some of the disadvantages, of on- and off-premises models. Discover in this article from ADT how to get started with a hybrid cloud.

  • Big Data Platform Made Easy For Windows Developers

    Managing large quantities of data is simpler than ever with Syncfusion’s free Big Data Platform, the first and only complete solution for developing big data solutions on Windows.