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  • State of Database DevOps

    As software teams face pressure to speed up delivery, DevOps is gaining momentum. But how many are extending DevOps principles to database development? Download the report.

  • DDoS Attack: Smoke Screen or Smoke Signal?

    Read this white paper to learn how to recognize a smoke screen attack and stop it from disrupting or disabling the sensors and tools used to detect or prevent an intrusion, and masking a more serious intrusion. Read more now!

  • IoT DDoS Attacks Show The Stakes Have Changed

    Read this white paper to learn how DDoS attack capabilities can be successfully mitigated by implementing Best Current Practices (BCPs) and by utilizing intelligent DDoS mitigation systems such as Arbor Cloud DDoS Protection Services. Read more now!

  • DDoS: The Stakes Have Changed, Have You?

    Read this white paper to learn how you can mitigate the dangers of DDoS attacks by dispelling common myths including: All DDoS attacks are huge – they only target big businesses, not companies like ours. Read more now!

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    Data Quality for Part Numbers

    Every time a part number is added or changed, is another opportunity for errors, truncation or corruption to take place. Learn how data profiling techniques can help you discover patterns and issues with your data so you can better organize part numbers and improve the data quality of your business.

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    6 ASP.NET Core Changes Every Developer Should Know

    Get a high-level picture of what’s changing in ASP.NET Core, previously known as MVC 6, and why, as well as code snippets to get you started with the new technologies. Grab your free copy!

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    Must Know Techniques for HTML5 Apps For Any Screen Size

    If you're a HTML5/JS dev, responsive web design is or will be a requirement in the near future. This whitepaper will give you the must-know on responsive web.

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    Dysfunction Junction: A Pragmatic Guide to Getting Started with DevOps

    Read this eBook and discover the warning signs of DevOps Dysfunction and learn how to get back on the right track. Key topics include parallel development and testing, agile operations, service virtualization, and automation.

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    Market Guide for API Testing and Service Virtualization

    Download this complimentary Gartner Inc. Market Guide on API testing and service virtualization to better understand how service virtualization can be used for API testing and who the key players are.

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    Four Steps to Achieving Agile Parallel Development

    While DevOps is a methodology that can support new application delivery paradigms, achieving truly agile and parallel development practices requires new thinking, processes and tools in specific areas of the SDLC. Explore the four key steps IT organizations must take to attain Agile Parallel Development.