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  • Visual Studio Magazine 2015 Reader’s Choice Awards White Paper Cover

    Visual Studio Magazine readers have spoken and told us about the tools and product they can’t live without. Download this free PDF and see which products come out on top in more than 30 categories.

  • Succeeding with Geographically Distributed Scrum White Paper Cover

    Small project success does not automatically lead to large project success. This white paper discusses practices needed to succeed with Scrum on a large, geographically distributed team, including necessary coordination, communication, integration, and architecture.

  • The Hidden Benefits of VoIP Revealed White Paper Cover

    You don't have to throw out your old communications infrastructure tomorrow. You can take a tiered approach to moving your company forward with VoIP. Read this white paper, The Hidden Benefits of VoIP Revealed, so you won't miss out on how you can use VoIP to re-invent how you conduct business, while increasing your bottom line.

  • 4 Simple Steps to VoIP Vendor Selection White Paper Cover

    Download this free white paper, 4 Simple Steps to VoIP Vendor Selection, to completely educate yourself about VoIP trends so that you can determine the perfect solution for your company.

  • Five Must Have Features for Business VoIP White Paper Cover

    In this free white paper, Five Must-Have Features for Business VoIP, you'll learn about five ways VoIP can deliver greater value to your business. Read on.

  • VoIP for Beginners White Paper Cover

    While VoIP services can be less expensive than standard telephone network services, call quality can be a factor in one’s decision to switch to VoIP. However, constant innovation and upgrades are making VoIP comparable in quality to the traditional phone system. In this white paper, VoIP for Beginners, you’ll be introduced to how VoIP works.

  • Contact Center Solutions Comparison Guide White Paper Cover

    This comparison guide provides the top 10 providers and highlights key features to look for when considering a hosted solution for your business call center.

  • Unified Communications: The Layman's Guide White Paper Cover

    In this white paper contributing Ziff Davis analyst Cindy Waxer breaks down unified communications by defining it, explaining how it works, ROI, UC challenges in an organization, and questions IT leaders need to ask before deployment.

  • Four App Deployment Disasters Every Business Should Know About White Paper Cover

    Avoid these 4 common app deployment mistakes to help make your next mobile project a success.

  • Why NoSQL? White Paper Cover

    In a world where the pace of software development is faster and data and piling up, how you architect your data layer to ensure a global user base enjoys continual access to data is more important than ever.

  • 7 Proven Practices to Strengthen Release Management White Paper Cover

    Business needs, market trends, and customer demands are forcing IT teams to deploy applications at a rapid rate. The frequency of deployments can invoke human errors, failed deployments, and outages. This paper will guide you through the 7 best practices to strengthen release management.

  • Service Virtualization for Dummies White Paper Cover

    In Service Virtualization For Dummies discover how service virtualization fits into the big picture of software quality. Learn how to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of your testing processes deliver higher quality software, while reducing testing downtime and testing cost.

  • Application Release and Deployment for Dummies White Paper Cover

    Faster Application Delivery With Automated Release & Deployment Application Release & Deployment for Dummies e-book.

  • An Insider’s Guide to Agile Testing and Service Virtualization White Paper Cover

    Get the essentials about agile testing and service virtualization from several different perspectives – get an analyst’s take from Diego Lo Giudice of Forrester Research on how to remove agile testing bottlenecks and ways to calculate your potential return on investment for Service Virtualization. Hear about real customer implementations in the financial services, travel, and healthcare sectors. Learn from experts on how service virtualization is essential for mobile development, testing packaged applications (such as SAP), and more.

  • The Future of Testing: Where Do Testers Spend Their Time? White Paper Cover

    TechWell, IBM, uTest, and keynote partnered on a survey to explore where today’s testers are spending their time, what obstacles they most often encounter, and where they think their attention should be focused.

  • Agile for Dummies White Paper Cover

    Confused by all the agile advice? Relax! With Agile for Dummies by your side you’ll learn the fundamentals of agile and how to increase the productivity of your software teams while enabling them to produce higher-quality solutions that better fulfill customer needs much faster.

  • Deployment Automation Basics White Paper Cover

    This paper discusses the limitations of manual deployments, common failure patterns, the benefits of automation, and a base set of features an automated system should provide.

  • Testing SAP Solutions For Dummies White Paper Cover

    In this eBook, we share how IBM software and solutions can help an organization manage quality and begin testing SAP solutions and the integrations they depend on earlier, continuously, and while testing smarter.

  • Gartner 2015 Magic Quadrant for Application Security Testing White Paper Cover

    IBM has been positioned again in the Leaders quadrant of the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Application Security.

  • Manage the Chaos: 4 Steps to Securing the Mobile Enterprise White Paper Cover

    Built on IBM’s unique threat intelligence platform, the Mobile Security Framework automatically fuses context and risk awareness into each security imperative, to maximize mobility management and security effectiveness.

  • The Forrester Wave: Application Security White Paper Cover

    Forrester Research recently analyzed the application security testing market (static analysis, dynamic analysis, and instrumented/interactive analysis technologies). This report details Forrester’s findings about how well each vendor fulfills their criteria and where they stand in relation to each other to help security and risk professionals select the right partner for their application security requirements.

  • Top tips for securing big data environments White Paper Cover

    As big data environments ingest more data, organizations will face significant risks and threats to the repositories containing this data. Failure to balance data security and quality reduces confidence in decision making. Read this e-Book for tips on securing big data environments.

  • Gartner Group Magic Quadrant on Managed Security Services White Paper Cover

    Managed security services is a mature market with offerings from established service providers. This Magic Quadrant presents enterprise buyers with advice on selecting MSS providers to support global service requirements.

  • Ensure a More Secure Future White Paper Cover

    IBM offers insights to CIOs regarding transforming the security organization into five core functional areas. This paper concludes the series by looking at securing the greater future.

  • Five Steps to better application performance White Paper Cover

    Get a step-by-step guide to monitoring and optimizing your distributed and hybrid applications.

  • Real-Time Digital: Wake-Up Call for IT Operations White Paper Cover

    This paper provides key insight in to the changes that traditional IT Operations should prepare for in improving IT Operations analytics with new cloud based application and changing architecture.

  • .NET Tips and Tricks White Paper Cover

    Visual Studio Magazine columnist Peter Vogel offers up his most popular tips and tricks for streamlining Web development with ASP.NET in this handy guide.

  • Application Performance Management: It’s Not Just for IT Anymore White Paper Cover

    Application Performance Management tools are playing a larger and more important role in enabling IT to move applications rom on-premises to the cloud. Find out why and what that means in this technical article.

  • The Cloud Application Performance Management Paradox White Paper Cover

    Application Performance Management (APM) might not be top of mind for companies moving to the cloud, but it should be. Here’s how to handle APM in the cloud.