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    NoSQL Database Evaluation Guide

    This paper delves deeply into each core requirement and provides a comparison of leading NoSQL databases against the eight core requirements.

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    Comparing NoSQL Databases with YCSB Standard Benchmark

    How do the latest releases of two leading NoSQL databases compare on both read/write and query performance? The emerging technologies thought leader Avalon Consulting, LLC benchmarked MongoDB 3.2 and Couchbase Server 4.5 to find out.

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    High Performance with Distributed Caching

    Caching frequently used data in memory can dramatically improve application response times, typically by orders of magnitude. Get your “High Performance Distributed Caching” guide to learn more.

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    How To Choose a Database for Your Mobile Apps

    This paper helps you choose the best mobile database for your needs based on 6 key evaluation questions ranging from does it have support for the right platforms to is data secure at rest and in motion.

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    The Forrester Wave: Big Data NoSQL, Q3 2016

    The free report examined 26 criteria to evaluate the current offering, strategy, and market presence of 15 Big Data NoSQL solutions. It cited scalability, flexibility, performance, simplicity, and cost as the primary reasons to embrace NoSQL. Learn more.

  • Five Important Buying Criteria to Enable a Totally Mobile Workforce

    The average organization owns about 2,500 apps — making a secure, seamless, scalable virtual workspace strategy easier said than architected. Businesses find themselves scrambling to deploy virtual workspace solutions that meet both mobile end-users' and IT's demands. In this white paper, you'll find five key criteria you must implement in order to effectively execute your mobile workspace plans.

  • Digital Dialogue: Improving Vectorization Efficiency Using Intel® SIMD Data Layout

    Read this Digital Dialogue to learn how Intel SDLT is a win-win solution for object-oriented (OO) developers, allowing them to be true to their OO design while overcoming inherent problems to achieve enhanced vectorization efficiency.

  • Intel Data Analytics Acceleration Library Optimizes Big Data Analytics

    Read this Digital Dialogue to learn about big data analytics including problems turning big data into useful information, the single, optimized library solution, and modules that make up Intel DAAL.

  • Using Business Dashboards to Summarize a Billion Records in Seconds

    The Syncfusion Dashboard Platform is a complete solution for creating and sharing interactive dashboards. The Dashboard Designer can directly connect to the Syncfusion Big Data Platform and interactively transform huge amounts of data into attractive dashboards. Learn more!

  • Store Limitless Amounts of Time Series Data

    In this white paper learn how to store limitless amounts of data using the Syncfusion Big Data Platform and OpenTSDB. Read more.