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Secrets of World-Class Software Organizations

This webcast explores how world class software organizations operate compared to average organizations. In this event, award-winning author Steve McConnell reveals the technical, management, business, and cultural secrets that make a software organization world class. Register now!

Improving Your Build, Test and Release Cycles with Modern Tools

Join this webcast to learn how to improve your build, test and release cycles with modern tools. We'll also walk you through a day in the life of a software tester, share common practices that have led to failed release cycles and discuss best practices. Learn more.

How to Access Big Data & Unstructured Content in Your Applications

In this webcast learn how nearly 80% of content is living outside of a structured data environment. Information-driven software solutions need a way to unlock unstructured files like Word, PowerPoint and PDF, pull out the hidden and visible content that’s inside, and incorporate the data into their systems in a variety of different ways and formats. Register now to learn more!

Duration: 1 Hour

Building Cross-Platform ASP.NET Apps

Join us at this upcoming webinar where Gautam Agrawal, Senior Director and Marc Gusmano, Sales Engineer at Sencha will discuss how to architect your ASP.NET applications to utilize the rich client side capabilities of JavaScript frameworks. Learn more.

Duration: 60 minutes

Streamline Cross-Platform Web App Development and Test Automation

Join us as Gautam Agrawal, Senior Director at Sencha, discusses how to accelerate cross-platform application development using JavaScript frameworks, how to improve your development team’s productivity by using the right tool chain, and much more. Read on.

Duration: 60 minutes


Getting Started with NoSQL for Developers

In this webinar you will learn how to build applications easier and faster by leveraging the power of SQL with the flexibility of JSON. Learn how to iterate faster using a flexible data model and a powerful query language to write less code and avoid database changes with NoSQL. Read on.

How to Protect Your AWS Applications from Attackers

Join Sumo Logic and Peter Varhol in a free webinar on how to protect your AWS applications from attackers. You will learn how to monitor your applications in the cloud, what data is important, and how to respond to a potential attack. Learn more.

Duration: 1 hour