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Take advantage of a number of VS.NET add-ins, including one that lets you implement and manage temporary links, which are URLs that are active for a limited amount of time and are typically used in software distribution and e-mail campaigns.

DotNetMagic 1.0
DotNetMagic 1.0 is a user interface library for the .NET Framework that lets you add the Visual Studio .NET look and feel to your Windows Forms application. DotNetMagic is written in C#. It features a docking windows system that mimics the one available in VS.NET, including the AutoHide capability. You can use the TabbedGroups control to organize your documents in the Tabbed MDI style. You're not restricted to positioning documents in a single direction; you can place them in a hierarchy for flexibility. DotNetMagic supports Windows 98/NT/2000/Me/XP/.NET with the .NET Framework installed. $199.
Crownwood Consulting

OneTimeDownload-5M for Microsoft ASP.NET allocates, implements, and manages temporary links, which are URLs that are active for a limited amount of time and are often uniquely associated with individual users. Typical scenarios for this type of link include software distribution, e-mail campaigns, and special offers or discounts. OneTimeDownload-5M lets you create unlimited unique links, each with a specified expiration date; specify the amount of time a link remains active after first use; associate links with a URL, file path, and optional description or user-defined data; group links; specify one link to invalidate the others in the group; specify IP limits to increase security; and document/file download links. $149.
Five Minute Software from Desaware
Phone: 408-377-4770

RegistryFusion 1.0
RegistryFusion 1.0 is a set of Windows tools that find the correct Whois server for a query and parse the output, enabling new Whois applications such as automatic domain registration tracking, security log analysis, and fraud detection. You specify a domain name or IP address and get results in a machine-readable format. The software comes in three forms: an XML Web service, an XML proxy server, and a .NET class library. The two XML services allow cross-platform use, and the COM-compatible .NET class library provides extra control for any Windows application. RegistryFusion requires the .NET Framework 1.0 or 1.1 and Windows NT4 SP6a, 2000, XP, or Server 2003. The .NET class library works on Windows 98 and ME. $199 for the Lite Edition, $499 for the Professional Edition, and $1,199 for the Enterprise Edition.
Hexillion Technologies
Phone: 877-439-4234


Cape Clear 4.5
Cape Clear 4.5 includes three products that help you design, develop, integrate, deploy, and manage Web services-based business services: Studio, Server, and Manager. New features in version 4.5 include asynchronous processing, notification services, event management, mobile device support, and support for the PARLAY-X telecommunications standard. Asynchronous processing uses MQSeries or JMS as a transport for XML messages. With notification services, you're notified when and if network events happen. Cape Clear's support for diverse attachments enable support for MMS and SMS. Starts at $5,000.
Cape Clear Software
Phone: 866-219-5944

DevPartner Studio 7.1
DevPartner Studio 7.1 Professional Edition offers support for Visual Studio .NET 2003, and it helps you track memory usage and write secure applications. Its new features include support for VS.NET 2003 and Windows Server 2003; support for side-by-side operation of both VS.NET 2003 and VS.NET 2002 development environments; memory analysis, which gives you detailed information on the memory usage of your application as it executes; static code analysis that gives you the ability to apply security rules to your code; deadlock detection, which lets you identify potential thread deadlock and synchronization issues; the ability to compare performance runs and determine if code changes have improved performance; and a call graph display, which lets you view a graphical display of the app functions and calling relationships. Contact vendor for pricing.
Phone: 800-COMPUWARE

MobileVB 4.0
AppForge MobileVB 4.0 lets you write applications using Visual Basic 6 that will run on numerous handheld, mobile, and wireless devices. You use specialized MobileVB controls, libraries, and modules to create applications within the Visual Studio IDE. MobileVB ships with more than 30 standard controls, as well as modules and libraries for database synchronization, telephony, and gaming. You can test MobileVB apps from within the IDE and compile them into single-file installation packages for distribution. MobileVB 4.0 adds support for Palm OS 5 and Nokia Series 60 devices, including the Palm Tungsten, Sony Clie, and Nokia 3650, 7650, and 6600. You can write cross-platform applications and distribute them on many mobile and wireless devices, including Palm OS, Pocket PC, and Symbian UIQ, Series 60, and Series 80 PDAs and Smartphones. $899.
Phone: 678-686-9400

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