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Check out the latest Visual Studio .NET add-ins, including a Web content management system based on ASP.NET and SQL Server.

IQstudio helps you develop analytical imaging applications. It includes VBA, which lets you create and test application development quickly, without compiling. A wizard supports Visual Basic, C++, and managed .NET languages such as VB.NET and C#. IQlogic, the object model exposed by IQstudio and the IQ runtime objects, includes more than 165 objects for image processing, enhancement, filtering, manual/automatic measurement, analysis, calibration, annotation, reporting, and databasing. IQstudio includes a built-in object-oriented database that lets end users archive, manage, and mine their images and data. The IQexplorer tool organizes and runs sample code and projects from one location. Contact vendor for pricing.
Media Cybernetics
Phone: 301-495-3305

Kentico CMS for ASP.NET
Kentico CMS for ASP.NET is a Web content management system based on ASP.NET and Microsoft SQL Server. It provides four technologies to accelerate your development: Kentico CMS Desk, a flexible user interface that allows you to manage content; Kentico CMS Controls, 25 controls that display content on your Web site; KentiForm Engine, which lets you create flexible editing forms for custom document templates; and Page Templates, which allow you to reuse page layout and create new pages based on the template. $499 per Web site.
Phone: 800-225-2767; 420-533-309-021

Visual Input Security
Visual Input Security offers defense against SQL injection, script injection (cross-site scripting), input tampering, and brute-force attacks on your ASP.NET Web sites. It features powerful validators to catch injection attacks, a logging system to track attacks, and its Slow Down Manager to impede attackers. Its tools protect visible fields, hidden fields, cookies, and query strings. Its Security Analysis Report provides a full audit of each page's inputs and their security settings. It even recommends how to improve your security. $250.
Peter Blum


Instant C# 2.0
Instant C# helps you convert VB.NET projects to C#. More than 99 percent of lines require no post-conversion adjustment; the percentage is reduced for code not having Option Strict set or code heavily dependent on late binding or COM interop. Instant C# converts unlimited length code snippets, and it converts more than 14,000 lines per minute, based on a 2 GHz 256 MB machine. It produces notes, warnings, and "to do" comments; it features a zero-impact install, and it runs on all versions of the .NET Framework. New to version 2.0 is its ability to convert the 2005 version of VB.NET code. Instant C# converts methods with optional parameters, VB case statements with range conditions, event handlers, VB6-style unstructured error handling, all aspects of inheritance and interfaces, ASP.NET code-behind pages, and more. $159 Standard Edition.
Tangible Software Solutions
Phone: 604-930-9949

MetaReport 2.0
MetaReport 2.0 is a report-building tool that can use multiple data sources of various formats to create reports. It uses ADO and Borland Database Engine to build reports, but does not require BDE to be installed. You can use MetaReport 2.0 inside third-party applications as a built-in ActiveX object. You can specify various data parameters without having to alter the report itself. You can choose from several popular report formats, from TXT or CSV to WMF, XLS, HTML, RTF, and PDF. You can save the report templates, as well as lock them to prevent anyone from altering them. $99.95.
Metamatica Software

MZ-Tools 4.0
MZ-Tools is an add-in that extends the Visual Basic or VS.NET IDEs with new menus, toolbars, and more. You can use MZ-Tools to insert exception handlers and snippets of code, and you can use assistants to create new procedures, message boxes, and connection strings. The Find feature displays results in a hierarchical tree inside a dockable window. You can document your code by inserting customizable headers that allow the use of predefined variables or user-defined variables. $399.95 Enterprise Edition.
MZTools Software

SftTree/DLL 5.0
SftTree/DLL is a DLL-based tree control for C and unmanaged C++. New features include printing support and print preview support using the separately available SftPrintPreview/DLL control; online help integration with VS.NET 2002 and 2003; owner-draw cells, headers, row headers, and tool tips; rubberband selection; color samples as images for cell, item, and header images; and a new SetKeyHandling function, eliminating the need to subclass controls used for cell editing. You can ignore items and cells for optimal column width calculation, and you can mark both as non-editable. SftTree/DLL also comes in the Windows Mobile Edition, the AMD64 Edition, and the Itanium Edition. $249.
Softel vdm
Phone: 941-505-8600

Sourcecode to Flowchart 2.52
Sourcecode to Flowchart is a flowchart generator that helps you perform automated reverse engineering of program code into flowcharts. It creates a thorough flowchart for a method automatically by analyzing existing code. Sourcecode to Flowchart works with C/C++, Visual Basic, VBA, Qbasic, VBScript, ASP, Visual C#, VB.NET, J# .NET, Java, JavaScript, Delphi/Pascal, PowerBuilder, PHP, FoxPro, Perl, T-SQL, and PL/SQL. You can export the flow diagrams as BMP images, and you can export them to Microsoft Visio, Word, Excel, and PowerPoint for project documentation. New features include the ability to export directly to Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, as well as support for T-SQL and PL/SQL. Other improvements include the new Visio stencil, and options to output source code into flowchart shapes. $99.95.
Phone: 877-734-7638; 770-319-2718

Superior SQL Builder 1.5
Superior SQL Builder 1.5 is a SQL tool that lets you build complete SQL scripts without typing any code. The product introduces new SQL scripting technology that lets you transform your database data. Version 1.5 simplifies the script building process and features a more intuitive interface. Other new features include explicit support for MySQL 4.1, the automation of database connections, and the inclusion of many new script templates. Standard features include the ability to eliminate syntax, logic, and typographical errors when developing SQL. SQL Builder supports MySQL, Microsoft Access, Oracle, and Microsoft SQL Server. $349.
Red Earth Technologies
Phone: +61-7-5534-6551

Visual Documents 2.0
Visual Documents 2.0 is a source code generator that creates the source code to print complex documents in any language depending on the translator you use. Visual Documents creates VB6 source code by default to print the document you design on the editor. The new VDcoders feature lets you build or download reusable interpreters from the Internet. You can create source code to fill out printed forms, print quotations, invoices, legal contracts, insurance policies, bids, deeds, job estimates, reports, and more. You can define your own macros to save time. The IDE is similar to VB's IDE. The product comes with an advanced color palette editor that lets you create any color or steal it from any place on the screen and give your printed documents an exact color match. Contact vendor for pricing.
Neuron Labs
Phone: +52-444-558-4998; +52-444-812-6383

Visual SQL-Designer 3.96
Visual SQL-Designer helps you re-engineer SQL code acquired from external applications and broadcast the obtained code to a visual development environment, generating the required object bundles and calculated field filters automatically. Visual SQL-Designer can generate queries for multiple databases simultaneously. It lets you build queries involving calculated fields and store those on disk for latter use. Visual SQL-Designer supports most of the popular databases, including Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL, Sybase, DB2, Access, and other ODBC databases. $199.
VisualSoft Russia
Phone: +7-916-681-1888

Wise for Windows Installer 6.0
Wise for Windows Installer 6.0 lets you create Windows Installer (MSI) installations for desktop, Web, server, and mobile applications, including enhanced functionality for creating installations for data-driven Web applications. Wise for Windows Installer features integrated installation development in the .NET IDE; extended, automated support for authoring data-driven Web apps; installation management features for team collaboration and developing installations for complex environments; and support for the latest technologies, including MSI 3.0, IIS 6.0, the .NET Framework, MTS/COM+, and 32-bit and 64-bit Windows platforms. Wise for Windows Installer Enterprise Edition allows development teams to manage the complexity of installation resources by storing components in a centralized repository. Contact vendor for pricing.
Wise Solutions
Phone: 800-554-8565; 734-456-2100

XtraPrinting Library 1.7.3
The XtraPrinting Library is a 100-percent C# data-rendering and visualization system designed to bring your user interface to the printed page. You can print the contents of visual controls and offer your end users a nearly unlimited series of "reports" without having to use a traditional report writer. The resulting document created by the XtraPrinting System can be exported to various formats directly from the preview window. The XtraPrinting library supports exporting to PDF, HTML (plus MHT), TXT (plus CSV), XLS, RTF, and numerous image formats, including BMP, JPEG, GIF, TIFF, PNG, and EMF. $149 without source code; $199 with source code.
Developer Express
Phone: 702-262-0609

XtraReports 1.1.4
XtraReports is a reporting platform for Windows Forms and ASP.NET developers. XtraReports lets you build reports in the same way you build a typical Windows Forms application. It uses the same code editor (C#, VB.NET, or J#), the same property grid, the same component toolbox, the same alignment toolbar, and all available Visual Studio IDE resources. You can create unlimited master-detail levels in a single report without having to use any subreports. $299 without source code; $399 with source code.
Developer Express
Phone: 702-262-0609

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