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Convert C# to VB.NET

Check out the latest VS.NET add-ins, including a product that lets you convert C# code to VB.NET at the project or code-snippet level.

Instant VB
Instant VB converts C# code to VB.NET at the project or code-snippet level. Instant VB converts code both accurately (99.98 percent effective on Microsoft Press' 101 C# Sample Projects) and quickly (more than 50,000 lines per minute). Instant VB is intended to help you with converting all your C# projects, from converting existing C# source snippets to large-scale enterprise projects written in C#. The product also includes many sample snippet conversions for reference. Snippet Edition $59; Standard Edition $119.
Tangible Software Solutions
Phone: 604-930-9949

MetaDraw .NET for WinForms
MetaDraw is a versatile, vector-based, image-manipulation tool. The .NET imaging component facilitates image creation and annotation; customized graphing/charting, including special-purpose charts not covered by standard chart tools; drawing; image mapping; diagramming; hypergraphics (hot spots in graphics); and image layout. $499.
Bennet-Tec Information Systems
Phone: 516-997-5596

The RichSuite bundle includes all of Richer Components' four commercially available components, including RichTextBox, an HTML document editor for ASP.NET; RichDatePicker, a fully integrated date and time picker for ASP.NET with built-in support for financial periods (Q1, Q2, and so on); RichSlider, a visual slider for ASP.NET that provides a rich value selection interface; and RichHelpTip, which provides a fully integrated, localized online help system for ASP.NET. $499.
Richer Components
Phone: 800-772-7814

TList WinForms for .Net
TList WinForms for .Net is a fast, flexible data-presentation component that lets you arrange data as a multicolumn list, tree, grid, or hierarchical tree grid. TList provides support for formatting with icons, colors, and fonts, as well as in-place editing with text, checkboxes, combo, and calendar features. TList makes it easy to drag and drop, save and reload data, print, and offer restricted data views. TList WinForms for .Net integrates seamlessly with Microsoft's .NET Framework. $399.
Bennet-Tec Information Systems
Phone: 516-997-5596


ANTS Profiler 2.0
The Advanced .NET Tool Suite (ANTS) Profiler helps you pinpoint slow code within your .NET applications. Version 2.0 includes a new memory profiler, a redesigned user interface that supports more in-depth customization, and improved performance. The new memory-profiling tool lets you track memory managed by .NET's Common Language Runtime (CLR), breaking up usage into different objects and identifying each by name, size, and location. It also lets you take snapshots of memory usage, enabling you to detect memory leaks easily. Users can tailor the new graphics interface according to their preferences. For example, users are able to choose what results to display and how to group them. From $295.
Red Gate Software
Phone: 866-733-4283

AspMap 3.0
AspMap 3.0 is an Internet mapping component for embedding spatial data display and analysis capabilities in ASP and ASP.NET applications and services. AspMap adds interactive maps to your Web site, dynamically generating maps such as streets and highways, parcel maps, point-to-point routes, and aerial photography. New features include the ability to map data to databases automatically, scale-dependent layer display, on-the-fly projection of map data, point-to-point routing, and turn-by-turn driving directions. $399.
VDS Technologies

DTM SQL Editor 2.0
DTM SQL Editor 2.0 is a set of powerful database management tools that includes syntax highlighting, multilevel undo/redo features, and integrated searching and replacement. The product lets you use macros to automate entering frequently used fragments, and it supports ODBC, IDAPI, and Oracle Call Interface (OCI) data source connections with detailed database information. It can also provide a quick view of the database schema and results of the query execution. The product also gives you convenient script execution, and lets you export data to plain text, HTML pages, XML documents, and Microsoft Excel spreadsheets. Contact vendor for pricing.
DTM soft

Evolution 2.0
Evolution 2.0 is a source control and version management tool designed for the entire team. Evolution helps you eliminate resource-consuming edit-merge cycles, and it lets every team member know in real time when any change occurs to a file or component. Evolution also features deferred locks, in which the Evolution data server manages the queue, automatically assigns the lock to the next user in line, and sends notifications by e-mail. Evolution also lets you reduce the overhead of managing multiple branches of code lines with "Works in Progress." This feature lets you check in uncompilable code for backup purposes without affecting your teammates. Contact vendor for pricing.
Phone: 877-437-7718; 949-679-9654

Genuine Channels 2.5.2
Genuine Channels 2.5.2 is a .NET remoting package for developers of peer-to-peer and client/server applications. This application helps you eliminate bottlenecks found in native .NET Framework channels. In addition to offering steady connections in any environment, thanks to the configurable reconnect feature, Genuine Channels supports communication with clients located behind firewalls, NAT, and proxy servers (including those requiring authorization). Data encryption managed by security sessions and data compression without installing sinks provides for both easier coding and fast and secure client/server communication. Single developer $99.95; four-developer team $249.95; site license $499.95.
Genuine Channels

Ghost Installer Studio 4.1
Ghost Installer Studio 4.1 is a flexible deployment tool that works with almost any IDE, including Visual Studio .NET. Ghost Installer makes it possible to perform numerous custom actions and to create scripts that can fulfill almost any software deployment goal. New features include the ability to disable Repair and Add/Remove component modes, improvements to the old installation project converter, a tab order option in the user interface, and new project templates. Also, the demo version now includes a limited version of the .NET support module. $299; $499 Professional Edition; $699 Enterprise Edition.
Ethalone Solutions

Report Sharp-Shooter 1.8
Report Sharp-Shooter is a report generator for .NET that lets you create complex reports from multiple data sources. It features various report options, including PDF, HTML, EMF, BMP, JPG, GIF, TIFF, and many more. Features include a managed report engine; a managed report designer available at design time and run time; compatibility with Visual Studio .NET and Borland C# Builder; compatibility with ADO.NET; support for WinForms and ASP.NET WebForms; and support for all .NET data sources, including ADO.NET data sets, data views, collections, arrays, and any classes that implement IEnumerable, IList, or IListSource. Lite Edition $375; Standard Edition $499. Contact vendor for additional pricing.
Phone: 770-250-6100

Servertec Persistent Object Store .NET Edition
Servertec Persistent Object Store (POS) .NET Edition is a high-performance object-oriented database engine that runs with Microsoft's .NET Framework. You can use Servertec Persistent Object Store to create standalone database applications that run on any platform that supports Microsoft's .NET Framework version 1.1 or later. Features include .NET integration, a high-performance database engine, an easy-to-use API, a tiny footprint, object-level locking, hashing with linked overflow, indexes, I/O streams, virtual file handlers, and extensive online documentation. Contact vendor for pricing.
Phone: 201-998-1048

Spices.Net 4.1
Spices.Net introduces a new anti-ILDASM feature for managing the infringement risks of disassemblers and decompilers such as ILDASM, Anakrino, Reflector, and Remotesoft Salamander Decompiler. This joins other plug-ins that include Obfuscator, Investigator, Modeler, Informer, and Decompiler. The new plug-in performs an internal test of anti-ILDASM by trying to decompile/disassemble some of the Spices.Net assemblies, such as spices.exe. Spices.Obfusctator also features a new level of obfuscation: Members.DefaultImproved provides more comprehensive protection of intellectual property within commercial DLLs. Contact vendor for pricing.
Phone: 770-250-6100

Virtual Print Engine 3.6
Virtual Print Engine (VPE) for Windows is an ad-hoc document creation library that enables you to create documents for screen and printer output dynamically from their applications at run time. Version 3.6 ships with two new .NET components: one for WinForms and one for ASP.NET. The components let you create reports, documents, forms, and drawings by calling their functions at run time. They let you position objects such as rich text, lines, polygons, frames, and common image types dynamically through code. Call for pricing.
IDEAL Software
Phone: +49-0-2131-1511-690

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