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Test and Debug Error-Handling Code

Check out these latest VS.NET add-ins, including a product that helps you test and debug error-handling code in both native and .NET managed code.

Compuware DevPartner Fault Simulator
DevPartner Fault Simulator tests and debugs error-handling code in both native and .NET managed code without disrupting the application operation or debugging environment by safely injecting simulated faults into the application code. The simulator "tricks" the target application into believing a fault is present so that the reaction can be monitored without affecting other running applications or the underlying operating system. You can select a line of code within Visual Studio .NET, and DevPartner Fault Simulator identifies the list of exceptions that can be simulated at that location. $6,000 per concurrent user.
Phone: 800-521-9353; 313-227-7300

Compuware DevPartner SecurityChecker
DevPartner SecurityChecker is a security analysis tool that lets you quickly locate and fix security vulnerabilities in ASP.NET applications. DevPartner SecurityChecker uses three modes of analysis: compile-time analysis, runtime analysis, and integrity analysis. In compile-time analysis, DevPartner SecurityChecker inspects .NET assemblies and determines if security issues exist by examining the metadata, intermediate language code, ASPX files, and web.config files. In runtime analysis, DevPartner SecurityChecker can detect security errors as they occur by watching inside the application as it executes. In integrity analysis, DevPartner SecurityChecker can simulate an external attack by playing an HTTP-based session and modifying some of the inputs to check for vulnerabilities. $12,000 per concurrent user.
Phone: 800-521-9353; 313-227-7300

Intersoft WebInput.NET 1.0
WebInput.NET is an ASP.NET TextBox control with advanced capabilities such as Windows-like DateTimeInput style, Money-like CurrencyInput style, and advanced Access-compatible masking. WebInput.NET's Highlight feature lets you select a specific edit value, edit it, and spin it. WebInput.NET lets you format and validate the displayed text according to the supplied format expression. The Masking feature defines input placeholders per character or literals, validating and spinning the selected value. WebInput.NET supports .NET culture settings. Contact vendor for pricing.
Intersoft Solutions


appRadius for Microsoft CRM 1.5
appRadius for Microsoft CRM helps Visual Studio .NET developers customize and develop vertical market CRM solutions. You can use XML configuration files to configure required system options and parameters. appRadius makes extensive use of the hundreds of functions built into the Microsoft CRM API for authentication, data access, and other functions. Key features include integration with Microsoft CRM; integration with VS.NET; intelligent architecture; supporting utilities; connection with external databases, including Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, and IBM DB2; industrial-strength ASP.NET controls; and a flexible-support subscription model. Contact vendor for pricing.
Phone: 269-345-3111

CalendarGo Bundle 4.1
CalendarGo Bundle 4.1 consists of CalendarGo and ResourceScheduler components. It features fully managed code written in 100-percent C#, and it integrates seamlessly with Visual Studio .NET 2003. It lets you develop a .NET application with Outlook-like calendars and schedules. A single line of code embeds a fully functional calendar or resource scheduler (Gantt diagram) in your application, saving you hundreds of hours' worth of coding. CalendarGo offers printing support, appointment tooltips, one-second resolution, and configurable workday durations. Standard Edition $99; Professional Edition $199.
Phone: +48-501-042-523

ComponentOne Studio Enterprise 2005 Vol. 1
ComponentOne Studio Enterprise 2005 Vol. 1 adds more than 45 updates to .NET and ASP.NET tools, and it provides access to Whidbey alpha and beta components. Menus and Toolbars for .NET includes C1OutBar, which now supports the look and feel of Office 2003; it also adds image and alignment support to C1OutBar pages. The fixed cells in FlexGrid for .NET now support XP Themes. Reports for .NET added an event for customizing the Parameters dialog, and you can now suppress sections with empty subreports. In Sizer for .NET, you can now use context menus for setting splitters and fixed-size bands at design time. Spell for .NET now includes English and Spanish science and medical dictionaries. The C1WebMenu in WebMenus and WebBars for ASP.NET can now be used to implement right-click menus on Web pages. $899.95; upgrade $699.95.
Phone: 800-858-2739; 412-681-4343

Dundas Gauge for .NET 1.5
Dundas Gauge for .NET 1.5 offers a full range of advanced gauges and pointers that give applications a more meaningful way to display key performance indicators, digital dashboards, and other critical data in real time. Version 1.5 offers new interactive, smart-client Web gauges, flash rendering abilities, data streaming, a new knob gauge style, and many other enhancements. These new features let you implement interactive thin-client functionality, receive data input from end users, and allow for more dynamic Web-based interfaces to gauges and dials. Dundas Gauge for .NET is available in Windows Forms and ASP.NET editions, and it is also available as part of the Enterprise Editions of Dundas Chart for .NET. Contact vendor for pricing.
Dundas Software
Phone: 800-463-1492; 416-467-5100

r.a.d.chart 2.0
r.a.d.chart is a business-oriented charting component that helps you rapidly build appealing charts that represent data in a people-friendly manner. It features the telerik Quick-Start framework, full Visual Studio .NET design-time support, and MSDN integrated and context-sensitive help. It includes five new chart types, a numerical x-axis, image maps, drill-down functionality, gradient fills, hatch fills, image fills, different chart types on a single chart, automatic scaling of axes, and negative values. $299.
Phone: 888-365-2779; 617-249-2116

r.a.d.panelbar 3.0
r.a.d.panelbar helps you build collapsible side-menu systems. It helps you create what is found in almost any Web site?the typical left/right-side navigation?but cannot be achieved using the conventional dropdown menu components. r.a.d.panelbar is a fully managed ASP.NET server control that generates DHTML output using an XML source file with the menu structure. You can customize its visual appearance (with or without CSS) to deliver attractive and convenient navigation, from standard Outlook bars to fully graphical side menus. r.a.d.panelbar offers cross-browser compatibility (IE5+, NS6+, Mozilla, and Opera) and is available as an individual component or as part of the r.a.d.controls and r.a.d.navigation suites. It features multi-level menus, treeview-like nesting, content template support, .NET design-time support, keyboard support, and databinding. $249.
Phone: 888-365-2779; 617-249-2116

r.a.d.treeview 4.0
r.a.d.treeview is a treeview component for ASP.NET that facilitates the display, management, and navigation of hierarchical data structures. It offers many advanced features, such as drag and drop between treeviews, load on demand (MSDN-style), context menus, and automatic SQL binding. r.a.d.treeview features a rich client- and server-side API, which allows you to achieve the complex behavior found in desktop applications. It also includes the capabilities for individual or group node customization through CSS and images that can blend r.a.d.treeview into the interface of your Web site. r.a.d.treeview also features drag and drop on any HTML element, search engine indexing support, node sorting, databinding, and keyboard support. $249.
Phone: 888-365-2779; 617-249-2116

SQL Bundle Developer Edition
The latest version of SQL Bundle Developer Edition features command lines that make it simple to develop automated programs for comparing, synchronizing, and packaging Microsoft SQL Server databases. The new release also includes compression for SQL Packager that reduces package sizes by a factor of 10. SQL Bundle Developer Edition comprises five Red Gate packages at a discounted price: SQL Compare, for comparing and synchronizing SQL Server database objects; SQL Data Compare, for comparing and synchronizing data between two databases; DTS Compare, which compares DTS packages, jobs, and logins; SQL Packager, for packaging database schema and contents; and SQL Comparison and Synchronization Toolkit, which provides access to command lines and APIs within SQL Compare, SQL Data Compare, and SQL Packager. $990.
Red Gate Software
Phone: 866-733-4283

Total .NET SourceBook 1.1
Total .NET SourceBook is a code library for Microsoft Visual Studio .NET that contains thousands of lines of C# and Visual Basic .NET code. It features hundreds of categories, samples, tips, how-tos, and royalty-free code. It includes examples covering all the important .NET classes, and it offers practical advice on .NET coding. Every time you start Total .NET SourceBook, the program connects automatically to the FMS unique Code WebService. Additional code, articles, and tips are downloaded automatically to your database. As you write new routines or find good tips on the Internet or newsgroups, simply add them to your SourceBook database. Total .NET SourceBook also includes a full-featured color-coding editor with support for C#, C++, VB.NET, VB6/VBA, Java, JavaScript, XML, and HTML. $399.
Phone: 866-367-7801; 703-356-4700

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