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Here are some interesting posts from TechEd speakers and attendees. We''ll be adding to this list throughout the week.

Here are some interesting posts from Tech•Ed speakers and attendees. We'll be adding to this list throughout the week.

"The first public build of WSE 3.0 is now available on MSDN. This build requires Whidbey beta 2..."
G. Andrew Duthie

"Microsoft announced that there will be a Team System VPC being handed out at Tech•Ed 2005..."
Chris Menegay

Tech•Ed's "best kept secret" is "...definitely the labs provided by the Tablet PC team. First, you get to cut code on a brand-new Thinkpad X41 Tablet PC. Second, ..."
David McNamee

"I am in Steve Riley's security breakout session (kick butt as always) and he mentioned a cool tool developed by Michael Howard...called Drop My Rights..."
Chris Haaker

"Asynchronous stuff is really hard to program (correctly) and [Clemens Vaster] showed some nice misconceptions about how some things that coders do and think are asynchronous, actually are not..."
H. Steele Price, IV

"Tech•Ed is the first time we're talking about the new Architect Certification in earnest..."
Harry Pierson

"'s amazing what Indigo is going to enable us to do with Web services, but it was particularly amazing that Ari [Bixhorn] was able to write a chat application in under 5 minutes leveraging it!"
Antonio Chagoury

"What was also cool [in the RFID demo during Tuesday's keynote] was they ran a small prize giveaway to people in the audience using the RFID signals from the people actually in the audience :-) Sweet !!!"
Dave Welsh

"Paul Flessner gave Tuesday's keynote address ... [during which] a SQL Server 2005 cluster/scalability demo had a .NET-driven robot ("The Finalizer") come up on stage to 'destroy' a network switch..."
Chris Waters

"Michael Fitzmaurice presented on the migration issues surrounding SharePoint. There are multiple methods to migrate, but the best involve a custom app..."
Byron Ferguson

"Lots of stuff going on today, including [Paul Flessner's] announcement that Reporting Services will be available in all editions of SQL Server 2005..."
Brian Welcker

"Alright! Windows Server R2 is adding a federated single sign-on (SSO) service called Active Directory Federation Services (ADFS). ..."
Doc Holladay

"Billy Hollis started out [his session] by recognizing that developers have been pushed to the Web for some time, and now smart clients say 'go back to the desktop...' "
Jeffrey Palermo

"There have been several improvements by the VB team for VS 2005. Edit and Continue is back and I'm lovin' it. ..."
Eric Hammersley

"Ari Bixhorn just did an excellent demo showing some of the capabilities of Indigo. ..."
Ron Hostetter

"Microsoft Windows Server Update Services is available for the general public. (I can finally tell people this. I have been testing this product since last November.) ..."
Alex Yu

"As I'm preparing for my Tech•Ed session on Indexing Best Practices in SQL Server 2005, I'm reminded that there are a ton of best practices that really apply to both SQL Server 2000 as well as SQL Server 2005. ..."
Kimberly L. Tripp

"When IBM lured Microsoft's enterprise partner away with filthy lucre, the question wasn't whether jilted Microsoft would challenge Rational head on, but how and when. ... The gloves are coming off."
Jim Fawcette

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