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Let Users Search Your Site Easily

Check out the latest VS.NET add-ins, including a tool for enabling users to search your site more easily; and updated tools for reporting, charting, installation, and more.

EasySearchASP.NET gives you simple and fast search capabilities for your Web site. It is easy to install on both dedicated servers and hosted servers via FTP. EasySearch is not stored in a database. Rather, its dictionary is small and stays in memory. EasySearch also lets you generate a report of user search terms. Implementing your site search is as simple as modifying your web.config file and adding a couple of EasySearch controls into your current ASP.NET page. EasySearch is 100-percent CSS compatible, so you can change display results to match the rest of your site. Starts at $99.

SharpGraph for .NET
SharpGraph for .NET is a charting tool for Windows Forms applications. It is a fully managed component and provides integration with the Visual Studio .NET environment. It features built-in support for 2-D and 3-D chart types; data binding; customizable graph elements such as titles, labels, annotations, and legends; and integrated Visual Studio .NET help, including Dynamic Help. SharpGraph ships with a sample application that illustrates the tool's basic features and highlights some of its advanced capabilities. SharpGraph also offers some features that will help you make your graphs stand out, including graphics that leverage GDI+ technology, alpha blending, gradients, and anti-aliasing. It also provides built-in support for exporting to several file formats, including SVG, as well as support for serialization to XML so you can save and load charts at run time. $349.
Data Dynamics
Phone: 614-895-3142


ActiveReports for .NET 2.0
ActiveReports for .NET 2.0 includes a new, integrated Chart control; an enhanced RichText control with the ability to render RTF tables and HTML formatted text; an enhanced script editor window with syntax highlighting; a new CacheToDisk memory performance ability; the ability to bind to custom classes that implement the iList interface; enhancements to the PDF export, enabling smaller file sizes when using Windows metafiles; a new Thumbnail View tab in the Table of Contents pane of the Viewer control; and a new Version Switcher tool. Other features include the ability to compile reports into the application for speed and security; a Report wizard and Microsoft Access Report Import wizard; designer hosting of .NET third-party controls and user controls; a fully exposed object model; dynamic report building and modification; and a Report Creation API with runtime access to report objects and members. ActiveReports for .NET is written in C# and provides integration with the Visual Studio .NET IDE. Standard: $599; Professional: $1,499.
Data Dynamics
Phone: 614-895-3142

InstallAnywhere 7
InstallAnywhere 7 is a multiplatform software installation solution for the deployment and configuration of applications onto the platforms that run the enterprise, including the latest editions of Windows, Mac OS X, Solaris, Linux, NetWare, HP-UX, and AIX. InstallAnywhere enables you to lower development, delivery, and deployment costs by creating multiple installers for multiple platforms within a single project. It also lets you deliver a consistent cross-platform installation experience. New features include a Windows Installer (MSI) build option, installer support for digital signatures for Windows XP SP2 compliance, support for J2SE 5.0, shared components, and cross-product dependencies. Other features include localized installers; automatic Java VM installation; and simplified team development. InstallAnywhere also features additional platform support for RedHat Enterprise 4.0, SUSE 9, AMD-64 for Windows, Linux, Solaris, and more. Contact vendor for pricing.
Zero G Software
Phone: 415-512-7771

VMware Workstation 5
VMware Workstation is desktop virtualization software for software developers/testers and IT professionals who want to streamline software development, testing, and deployment in their enterprise. VMware Workstation allows users to run multiple x86-based operating systems, including Windows, Linux, and NetWare, and their applications simultaneously on a single PC in fully networked, portable virtual machines with no hard-drive partitioning or rebooting required. New features in version 5 include the ability to capture and manage point-in-time copies of running virtual machines and "undo" changes; the ability to more easily manage connected virtual machines and simulate "real-world" multitier configurations; full and linked clone capabilities for copying and sharing virtual machines; support for new 32-bit guest and host operating systems; support for 64-bit OSs and 64-bit extended processors; improved performance, especially for multi-virtual machine and networking workloads; movie record and playback to capture all activity in a running virtual machine; a command-line interface for automating repetitive tasks; and support for a class of streaming USB devices, including Webcams and speakers. $189.
Phone: 877-486-9273; 650-475-5000

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