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Simplify Tasks Across Platforms

Take a look at the latest third-party add-ons, including one that simplifies managing, running, and scheduling tasks across platforms to enable application integration and data-center automation.

JAMS for Windows .NET
JAMS for Windows .NET is a task scheduler built in 100-percent C# on the .NET Framework. The Job Access and Management System (JAMS) simplifies the difficulties of managing, running, and scheduling scripts or tasks across platforms to enable application integration and data-center automation. It is composed of three components: Scheduler, Client, and Agents. The product ships with an Outlook-style Windows interface used to define, run, schedule, monitor, and review the results of tasks or scripts on any system. JAMS can also trigger work based on application activity, such as business transactions, database updates, or operating system events. Contact vendor for pricing.
MVP Systems
Phone: 866-259-5267


ANTS Profiler 2.5
ANTS Profiler optimizes the performance of VS.NET 2005 applications by measuring the execution time and usage of each line of code in an application or service and allowing you to pinpoint performance bottlenecks. Memory profiling lets you compare snapshots of memory usage to help identify memory leaks. Version 2.5 enhances the performance of applications written in any of the languages supported by .NET Framework 2.0 or earlier. New features include the display of object values in the memory profiler; the display of embedded fields and field names along with their values; profiling of the interop layer between managed and unmanaged code; profiling of generics, anonymous methods, and precompiled iterators; and support for all versions of ASP.NET. $295.
Red Gate Software
Phone: 866-733-4283

NetAdvantage 2005 Volume 2
NetAdvantage 2005 enables you to build and deploy Microsoft-style user interfaces for Windows Forms, ASP.NET, and Tablet PC and COM applications. NetAdvantage features the UI controls you need to get projects done quickly and easily, including grids, scheduling, charting, toolbars, tabs, explorer bars, menus, listbars, trees, a dock manager, UI and editing elements, and more. New features in version 2005 Volume 2 related to Windows Forms include snap lines, GDI text support, scroll control, smart tags, integration of editors into the inbox grid, new databinding support, ImageList key integration, and more. New feature related to ASP.NET include design-time databinding, support for the new Designer Architecture, IWebPart support, and out-band callback for Webgrid. Starts at $495.
Phone: 800-231-8588; 609-448-2000

r.a.d.controls suite Q3 2005
r.a.d.controls suite Q3 2005 helps you create Web applications that conform to W3C requirements. This version delivers an integrated toolset of components for ASP.NET development that comply with the XHTML and Web accessibility standards. The products in this suite have been enhanced and generate valid XHTML 1.1 markup that meets Priority 1 of the WCAG requirements with no coding or configuration changes required on behalf of customers. r.a.d.controls suite Q3 2005 also adds key updates to four of telerik's most popular products, which are complemented with enhancements in keyboard support across all navigation controls, new integration examples, and significantly expanded documentation. $799; subscription $999.
Phone: 866-886-0452

r.a.d.editor 5.5
r.a.d.editor 5.5 is a WYSIWYG editor for ASP.NET that provides editing support for Mozilla, Firefox, and Netscape, and now with version 5.5, it offers full editing capabilities for versions 1.3 and 2.0 of the Safari browser as well. r.a.d.editor 5.5 has also been enhanced to produce valid XHTML 1.1 output and to meet the requirements for WCAG "Level A" accessibility, as per the W3C specifications. It also adds full keyboard support, which allows customers to use the tool effectively without a mouse. Version 5.5 also introduces a completely rewritten event-handling module that results in performance optimization. This new version also resolves the memory leaks that are inherent to Internet Explorer. $349.
Phone: 866-886-0452

SftTree/OCX 5.0
SftTree/OCX is an ActiveX tree control for Windows that offers multiline, multicolumn, hierarchical data displays. You can use SftTree/OCX with most ActiveX control containers, such as Visual Basic .NET, Visual Studio .NET, Delphi, Visual C++, and Access. MFC runtime DLLs are no longer required in version 5.0. The new version also features help integration for VS.NET 2002, 2003, and 2005; additional syntax documentation; new cell-editing mechanisms; full printing support and print-preview support using the separately available SftPrintPreview/OCX control; translucent drag image; enhanced multithreading support; enhanced property pages, property page options, and sizing; and more. $439.
Softel vdm
Phone: 941-505-8600

SlickEdit 10
SlickEdit allows you to create, navigate, modify, build, and debug code quickly and accurately. You can use it as a standalone development environment or as a complimentary editor. Version 10 offers new user-interface features, including updated icons and GUI, dockable windows, tab groups, and auto-hide toolbars. New C/C++/C# features include additional C++ refactorings, Visual Studio key emulation, Visual Studio project support, and Visual C++ Toolkit support. New debugger features include mixed-mode view; multiple session debugging; hex, octal, and binary views; and debugger watchpoints. Version 10 also includes quick rename, subversion support, and unattended install. Contact vendor for pricing.
Phone: 800-934-3348; 919-473-0070

Superior SQL Builder 2.0
Superior SQL Builder 2.0 is a SQL tool that lets you build complete SQL scripts without typing any code. Version 2.0 offers enhanced SQL scripting technology that allows you to transform your database data. Superior SQL Builder now supports multi-database SQL development. Other new features include support for MySQL 5.0, support for multiple database connections, and the simplification of the script template development process. It also includes the ability to eliminate syntax, logic, and typographical errors when developing SQL. Superior SQL Builder supports SQL Server, MySQL, Access, and Oracle. $249.
Red Earth Technologies
Phone: +61-7-5534-6551

Total .NET Analyzer 1.1 for Visual Studio .NET 2003
Total .NET Analyzer helps you avoid .NET traps and hidden bugs, improve performance, learn .NET best practices, simplify code management, and more. It is written in 100-percent managed C# and is completely integrated with Visual Studio .NET and SourceSafe. It's integrated in the VS.NET IDE and shows results in a tab window. Total .NET Analyzer parses your project in the background and pinpoints where issues occur. The Rule Editor allows you to customize the analysis that is performed to suit your own needs. You can turn rules on or off, modify rule severity and category, and add notes to individual rules. You can also send the entire contents of the Total .NET Analyzer list to a report at the click of a button. $499.
Phone: 866-367-7801; 703-356-4700

Total .NET XRef 1.1 for Visual Studio .NET 2003
Total .NET XRef builds a list of all references to an item any time you highlight a class, variable, method, member, property, or any other code element you've defined. It lets you see everywhere an item is used and navigate through the list to see how your code really works. Total .NET XRef is completely integrated into the Visual Studio .NET environment. You invoke Total .NET XRef by right-clicking on the definition of any name in your source code, and the tool window lists all places that refer to that definition. The list includes where the reference is, the line and column number, and a code preview of the line. You click on the item and Total .NET XRef moves you to that item's source file. You can sort or group the list by any field, or filter based on a condition you define. Total .NET XRef also generates HTML-formatted reports so you can print or save lists of references. $199.
Phone: 866-367-7801; 703-356-4700

VS.Php 1.3
VS.Php for Visual Studio .NET helps you design, develop, debug, and deploy Php applications using VS.NET. Version 1.3 adds support for inline HTML editing. The editor provides IntelliSense support for HTML 4.0 tags as well as HTML attributes and events. VS.Php 1.3 also improves IntelliSense support with two new features: auto suggest and IntelliSense filtering. The auto-suggest feature provides suggestions while typing code. IntelliSense filtering lets you narrow the content of the IntelliSense combo box based on what has been typed so far. $99.99.

Wise Installation System 9
Wise Installation System is a script-based installation tool. Version 9 includes support for Windows XP; support for third-party runtimes such as MDAC, Visual Basic, and Crystal Reports; WebDeploy for creating Web-based installations that check end-user PC configuration and download Web updates automatically; WiseUpdate, which ensures end users always have the latest version by allowing you to set periodic updates over the Web; and SmartPatch for small self-installing patches. The Professional Edition satisfies advanced installation requirements for Windows platforms, including Web deployment and application self-repair. The Standard Edition builds basic installs for Windows platforms. It includes Installation Expert, Script Editor, an integrated debugger, a custom dialog editor, and a simplified third-party runtime inclusion. $449 Standard; $999 Professional.
Wise Solutions
Phone: 800-554-8565; 734-456-2100

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