Smart Data Clients 2.0

Walt Ritscher takes you on a tour of the new drag-and-drop data-binding features in Visual Studio, the new and enhanced data controls, and the changes in SQLClient.

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Working with data is a necessity for every business application. ADO.NET 2.0 is chock full of improvements, and the Windows Forms team has been steadily improving the data-binding pieces. Walt Ritscher starts this data tour by looking at the new drag-and-drop data-binding features of Visual Studio. You'll see how easy it is to bind to databases, business objects, and Web services.

Next you'll look at the new, enhanced data controls (DataContainer, GridView, DataConnector, DataNavigator). You'll go through a detailed exploration of these new data controls including UI look and behavior, data-binding support, improved validation and formatting features, and better Null binding. Last on the agenda is a tour of the SQLClient changes—asynchronous data and data paging.

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