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DevPartner Fault Simulator 2.0

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DevPartner Fault Simulator 2.0
Compuware's DevPartner Fault Simulator 2.0 is an enterprise-level tool that enables you to locate software defects in error-handling code by simulating errors and monitoring the response in both .NET Framework-based and native Windows applications. DevPartner Fault Simulator simulates errors, so it doesn't interfere with your debugging tools, and it facilitates quick resolution of defects. Also, this tool enables QA engineers to simulate real-world production failure scenarios, and then provide results to developers for diagnosis. Version 2.0 strengthens its developer capabilities and adds new features for QA Analysts, helping to bridge the gap between development and test teams. New features include the ability to use Fault Simulator independently of the Visual Studio IDE. Also included is exception-handler advice, which helps developers pinpoint where error handlers are needed in the application source code; a pause and resume simulation that lets you suspend a session, giving the user the flexibility to perform other tasks outside the simulation; and automatic generation of command-line batch scripts (in the stand-alone version of the application only). Version 2.0 also features enhanced .NET support for Framework 1.1 and 2.0 .NET methods, as well as support for third-party managed assemblies, user-written managed code, and e-commerce applications. $2100.
Phone: 800-521-9353; 313-227-7300

Enterprise Architect 6.1 & MDG Integration
Enterprise Architect combines the power of the latest UML 2.1 specification with a high performance, intuitive interface, to bring advanced modeling features to the desktop, as well as to the complete development and implementation team. EA is targeted toward your entire team, including analysts, testers, project managers, quality control staff, the deployment team and more. The tool's UI allows users to model patterns, and provides context-sensitive linking to capture workflows and business processes. The tool also creates rich text format and HTML documentation. New features in version 6.1 include: model patterns, extensions for .NET-managed C++, new debugging features, and additional UML 2.0 elements. The Sparx Systems companion tool, MDG Integration, integrates Enterprise Architect and UML 2.0 into Microsoft Visual Studio 2005. MDG Integration is a tool for reverse engineering a business flow to generate .NET code from UML elements using Enterprise Architect's code engineering framework. Pricing starts at $239 for EA Corporate Edition Licence. $149 for MDG Integration solution.
Sparx Systems
Phone: +61 3 53 451140

Enterprise Blocks 3
Enterprise Blocks is a .NET-specific product for the analytic applications developer/integrator. Enterprise Blocks enables developers to move beyond the page-level limitations of working with individual controls, so developers can create highly functional enterprise-class applications more quickly and easily. Version 3 features a new dashboard application that comes complete with source code. Out-of-the-box, this application allows power users such as business analysts to develop analytic dashboards using only a Web browser. It also provides a starting point for developing custom executive and management analytic applications using Microsoft Visual Studio .NET. This new version supports Microsoft SQL Server 2005 and includes a way to persist reports and other objects inside Microsoft SQL Server. This complements the Windows file system repository available in previous versions. In addition to integrated report and chart views, this new version introduces stoplight and meter device views that will bind to data in a database. All three of these view types work in conjunction with the new data-driven color-coding feature of Enterprise Blocks 3.0. A developer's license for all Enterprise Blocks software costs $495.
Enterprise Blocks
Phone: 610-621-2709

FarPoint Spread for Windows Forms 2.5
FarPoint Spread for Windows Forms is a full-featured, professional grid/spreadsheet for .NET development targeted specifically at working with Windows Forms. This tool features the ability to import and export native Microsoft Excel XLS files, multiple sheets, hierarchical display, conditional formatting, sorting, row filtering, searching, dataset binding, and splitter bars. It also enables you to achieve complete customization at the cell level with over a dozen cell types, cell spans, multiple headers, shapes, and more than 300 built-in calculation functions. Version 2.5 introduces new features in several categories. It adds new display options, such as the ability to customize sort and filter images, color options for cell notes, and options for customizing tool tips in scroll bars. The tool also adds new cell features, such as a multiple link option for hyperlink cells; a pop-up calculator for currency, number, and percent cells' and RichText cell enhancements. Moreover, the FarPoint Spread incorporates new events such as activated shape, changing clipboard, closing search dialog, fetching scroll tip, showing print preview, and user zooming. The new version also gives you new printing capabilities, such as a centering option, colors and images for headers and footers, and repeat rows and columns at the top and left of page. Finally, it provides new formula functions and enhancements such as OFFSET function, DAVERAGE function, and DPRODUCT function, as well as new spread designer features such as a stand-alone operation, a focus indicator editor, and a search dialog. $899. Special upgrade pricing available.
FarPoint Technologies
Phone: 800-645-5913

Studio Enterprise 2006 v3
The latest release of ComponentOne's flagship suite, Studio Enterprise 2006, is a comprehensive component toolset for Windows, Web, and Mobile application development. Studio Enterprise 2006 includes SmartDesigners and a SmartFramework that allow developers to set common properties in a component without leaving the design surface; the ability to add pointing and print-preview capabilities to Windows Forms applications; a more modular design; an enhanced object model; and tools for all application layers. Version 3 adds support for ATLAS, the latest emerging Web development technology, and delivers several new products and features focused on simplifying the design time experience and accelerating visual development. This release introduces several new components, including WebSplitter for ASP.NET, a server-side "ATLAS" control; WebInput for ASP.NET, a new suite of five data input controls; SuperToolTip for .NET, a new product for adding Windows Vista-style elements to .NET applications; NavBar and TopicBar, two new components included in Menus and Toolbars for .NET; ATLAS interoperability across the entire ASP.NET product line; AJAX support in WebChart for ASP.NET; and adds new chart types to Chart for .NET and WebChart for ASP.NET including cylinder, cone, and pyramid charts. The suite supports .NET, Delphi 2005, Delphi 8, and C# Builder. $999.99.
Phone: 800-858-2739; 412-681-4343

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