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DevInspect 3.0
S.P.I. Dynamics' DevInspect 3.0 is the first security product to analyze and fix security vulnerabilities in Web applications built using ASP.NET AJAX. The company also announced the release of DevInspect 3.0 for Microsoft Visual Studio Team System integrated defect tracking and configuration management product. DevInspect is also currently available in an integrated offering for Microsoft Visual Studio 2003 and Visual Studio 2005. DevInspect provides an automated secure coding framework for software developers, and offers; thorough security analysis and automated vulnerability remediation of ASP.NET 2.0 AJAX Extensions applications, including partial page rendered content within UpdatePanel controls; runtime script interpretation and security analysis of the Microsoft AJAX Library, the cross-browser, and cross-platform script library available as part of ASP.NET AJAX Extensions; discovery of ASP.NET AJAX Web services calls and in-depth security analysis of underlying JSON and SOAP Web services. SPI Dynamics' DevInspect 3.0 will be available December 1, 2006.
SPI Dynamics
Phone: 866-774-2700

DXperience v2006, vol 3
Developer Express is shipping DXperience v2006, vol 3 a suite of visual components and IDE tools for Visual Studio .NET. v2006, vol 3 introduces two new ASP.NET components; the ASPxPopupControl which allows you to add popup windows/hints to your Web application; and the ASPxPivotGrid, an ASP.NET edition of Developer Express' XtraPivotGrid that allows you to introduce multi-dimensional analysis to your ASP.NET applications. In addition, the Windows Forms component libraries have been extended to include features such as; Microsoft Office 2007 look and feel; fade animation support; and advanced Ribbon-like Tooltips. The XtraBars Suite now includes Full-Form support for Ribbons, Galleries in Ribbons, and application menu support. The XtraChart Suite has been extended to include new chart types, native support for Date-Time and qualitative scales, improved Gantt chart, and support for secondary axes. The XtraReport Suite has also been extended to include a new XRShape control, the ability to zoom reports, and ReportToolbar customization support. Finally, the XtraEditors Library, XtraLayoutControl, XtraTreeList Suite, XtraVerticalGrid Suite, and eXpressPersistent Objects have also been updated.
Developer Express
Phone: 702-262-0609

NetAdvantage for .NET 2006 Volume 3
NetAdvantage for .NET 2006 Volume 3 from Infragistics provides developers with the ability to create Windows Forms applications with the new look and feel of Microsoft Office 2007, using Microsoft Visual Studio 2005, 2003 or 2002. New features in NetAdvantage for Windows Forms include; the ability to create and style applications with the exact look and feel of Office 2007, using the new Infragistics Ribbon, Scheduling, Galleries, and Styles; Eyedropper color selection, and a resource used-by list; WinFormattedLinkLabel now includes a new image and horizontal rule tag, span tag and style attribute; WinChart is now updated with Office 2007-style presets, customization of chart backgrounds, and new 3-D Spline charts. Pricing for any single platform NetAdvantage product starts at $795. Dual platform product prices start at $995. Pricing for any single platform NetAdvantage product with priority support starts at $1295 and dual platform products with priority support start at $1495. Quantity pricing and corporate licensing is also available by quote.
Phone: 609-448-2000

Catalyst Systems has just released Openmake a solution for centralizing and controlling application lifecycle processes from source control management through build, testing and deployment without the need for writing highly customized Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) scripts. Openmake delivers re-use to ALM workflow by providing automatic plug-and-play integration with the Perforce configuration management solution, support for Microsoft VS .NET 2005 dependency mining and reporting, and enhanced interoperability between SCM, testing, build and deployment processes, minimizing homegrown scripting. Included in the latest release of Openmake is interoperability with the Perforce Software Configuration Management solution as well as deployment adaptors supporting CA's Software Delivery. Release also provides Visual Studio .Net 2005 dependency mining and reporting. Release also provides added security features including LDAP support for organizations standardizing their security policies. Openmake is available immediately, with prices ranging from $50 for lifecycle automation-only seats to $350 for full build automation seats.
Catalyst Systems
Phone: 800.359.8049 or 805-696-6866

Spices.Net v5.1
9Rays.Net has released version 5.1 of Spices.Net. The product offers obfuscation, multiple language decompilation, documentation-management services, and modeling and analytical features in a single environment. New features in this version include Spices.Optimizer technology that optimizes metadata size more effectively, a Parameters option, and StringEncryption using DoublePack technology. New optimizations allow you to compact metadata up to 50 percent, and Spices.Anonymizer produces more compact and effective code. The new version of Spices.Net now includes C# samples demonstrating the use of Spices.Obfuscator, automation of build process, and the ability to manage Spices.Project and Spices.Solution more effectively. Prices start at $1192.95.
Phone: 877-972-9763

Total .NET SourceBook 2005
FMS has just released Total .NET SourceBook 2005, the latest version of its professional source code library and code repository for Visual Studio .NET. The newest version supports Visual Studio 2005 with a comprehensive collection of royalty free, ready-to-use .NET programming code in C# and Visual Basic .NET. Total .NET SourceBook 2005 provides an extensive library of well-tested and documented original source code that is completely open and integrated directly into the Visual Studio IDE as an Add-In. The code supports the new versions of Visual Studio .NET and the .NET Framework. Total .NET SourceBook also allows you to link Web Forms and the code behind them, and Windows Forms and their designer code. Pricing is $399 per developer. FMS' code Web service, which provides additional code, is available for an additional $199 annually. Existing owners of Total .NET SourceBook can upgrade for $299.
Phone: 866-367-7801

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