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Learn about the latest and greatest products available from vendors that provide tools and services for Visual Studio .NET.

ANTS Profiler 2.7
Red Gate Software has released ANTS Profiler 2.7, an upgrade of its tool for code and memory profiling applications written in all languages supported by the .NET framework, including those designed to run on Windows and Web servers. The latest version of ANTS Profiler is more accurate, faster, and easier to use than its predecessor, and it allows profiling to run on the betas of Windows Vista. The new, upgraded version of ANTS Profiler also enables users to work with a more intelligent interface and has been built to cope with applications with huge code bases. ANTS Profiler 2.7 lets you profile Web applications so you can identify slow code in your .NET Web sites and Web services. It can identify slow-loading pages and tell you why they are slow. It also profiles Windows Forms applications so you can optimize rich, client-side applications. You can also profile memory, identify slow methods in code, or even identify individual lines of code that are slow, or being hit often. $295
Red Gate Software
Phone: 866 733 4283 or 0800 169 7433 (UK) or +44 (0)870 160 0037

Corgent Diagram v2.5
Corgent has released Version 2.5 of Corgent Diagram. The latest release includes many new features and enhancements designed to make the design of fully interactive diagrams for Windows Forms and ASP.NET applications easier and more powerful. New features in Version 2.5 include AJAX-enabled interactivity using image maps in conjunction with image grid rendering, new scrolling capability, greater UI customization, and numerous optimizations for rendering and working with large diagrams. Corgent Diagram for .NET is available for purchase from $2999 and is available in Web and Windows Forms Development Kits. Those wishing to evaluate Corgent Diagram v2.5 can access a fully featured evaluation copy directly from
Phone: 800-530-8834 or 416-649-3011

Dundas Chart for .NET OLAP Services v5.5
Dundas Software has released version 5.5 of Dundas Chart for .NET OLAP Services; an advanced set of .NET components designed to assist companies with interactive, analytical processing and charting of multidimensional data. Version 5.5 enhancements include a Grid control and new Toolbar for greater end-user abilities. The built-in AJAX features also offer improved performance and usability with the inclusion of on-demand loading, the elimination of post-backs, and more. Easy-to-use, point-and-click user interfaces allow users to build new data queries and immediately chart the results, graphically and numerically, with simple drag-and-drop operations. Dundas customers with existing maintenance plans for the Enterprise Editions of Dundas Chart for .NET can get Dundas OLAP Services for no additional cost for a limited time (a $1999 value). Those wishing to evaluate Dundas Chart for .NET OLAP Services can access a fully featured evaluation copy directly from
Dundas Software
Phone: 800-463-1492 or 416-467-5100

Essential Studio 4.4
Syncfusion, has released Essential Studio 4.4. This release rounds out Syncfusion support for the new Office 2007 look and feel by providing multiple ribbon-tabs, quick buttons, menu buttons, and super tooltips. Version 4.4 also includes performance updates within Essential Grid, and Essential Chart includes new chart wizards and a new look and feel. All Syncfusion Essential Studio ASP.NET controls are now Atlas-enabled, and with Version 4.4 all Syncfusion controls can be hosted inside an Atlas update panel, allowing developers to AJAX-enable their applications in minutes. In addition, Essential Studio 4.4 includes a large number of new features and fixes across the Syncfusion eleven-product range of ASP.NET and Windows Forms controls. Essential XlsIO's memory usage has also been optimized for reading and writing Excel spreadsheets. Essential Studio Enterprise Edition Binary with TestStudio $1295, Essential Studio Enterprise Edition Source with TestStudio $1995.
Syncfusion, Inc.
Phone: 919-481-1974

FlyGrid.Net v1.4.0.32
9Rays.Net has released the latest full release version of FlyGrid.Net v1.4.0. FlyGrid.Net offers complete database interface management in .Net 1.0, 1.1 and 2.0 versions, with features designed for speed and flexibility. The control's design editors give complete control over column and row design. FlyGrid.Net fully supports XP themes and drawing, with four types of column editor styles: simple, dropdown, dialog, and spin and allows custom dropdowns (any Windows.Forms control). Some of the key features of FlyGrid.Net include Shift/Ctrl cell block selection, split view capability so users can split the grid into several horizontal and vertical splitted views and resize them, full support of RightToLeft, and numerous drag and drop options. FlyGrid.Net provides unlimited levels of nested grids within each row to display master/detail views or hierarchical data from several data sources. FlyGrid.Net can be easily installed into Microsoft Visual Studio 2003/2005 and Borland Developer Studio development environments and includes C#, VB.Net and Delphi.Net samples collections. Light Edition $179.95, Standard Edition $232.95, Pro Edition $287.95. Annual Subscription—which includes Express Forum/E-mail Support, additional Sample files, and complete Source Code—$1299.95, Annual Subscription Site License $6299.95.
Phone: 877-972-9763

List & Label 12
combit released version 12 of its reporting tool List & Label. The newest version focuses on usability and efficiency with a 20 percent higher performance due to print engine optimizations. The refurbished multi-table object now allows the insertion of cross tabs and chart objects into the structure as well as tables. Cross tabular analysis manages group data in several dimensions. To support applications in a globalized environment fully, List & Label 12 allows the localization of projects. All displayed field and variable names of the List & Label Designer can be shown to end users in their national language. Database independence is now complemented by new databinding options with .NET: Since Framework 2.0, .NET supports type safe generic lists which now can be bound to List & Label. Enhanced OCX control supports VB developers and enables them to insert their own custom designer objects and functions. A JNI (Java Native Interface) wrapper DLL makes all of List & Label's DLL functions available in JAVA. In the chart object, fixed colors now can be assigned to particular values. Further highlights include updated label templates, a new barcode type, and new programming examples. Standard Edition 459 EURO / $582.33 USD, Professional Edition – which includes the runtime free redistributable Designer – 759 EURO / $962.94 USD.
Phone: +49 7531 90 60 10

TestAdvantage for Windows Forms 2006 Volume 3
Infragistics has released TestAdvantage for Windows Forms 2006 Volume 3, a collection of custom libraries built using Mercury Interactive QuickTest Professional .NET add-in extensibility. TestAdvantage enables automated testing of the presentation layer of applications, thereby reducing overall development cycles, as well as time and resources required to test the user interface of an application. TestAdvantage allows quality assurance teams to provide greater test coverage and automated regression testing of application UIs. TestAdvantage allows testers to create automated, data-driven tests for the user interface of their Windows Forms applications built with NetAdvantage Windows Forms tools by extending Mercury QuickTest Professional to support Infragistics NetAdvantage for Windows Forms. With Mercury QuickTest Professional and TestAdvantage, you can now extend best practices in your application development lifecycle to the presentation layer. TestAdvantage for Windows Forms 2006 Volume 3 supports Mercury QuickTest Professional versions 8.2 through 9.1, and NetAdvantage for Windows Forms 2006 Volume 3. Prices start at $795.
Phone: 609-448-2000 or +44 (0) 20 8387 1474

TestTrack Pro 7.6
Seapine Software has released TestTrack Pro 7.6 Development Workflow and Issue Management Solution. TestTrack Pro is a highly scalable client/server solution with cross-platform clients that allows teams to access projects and manage issues anytime, anyplace. TestTrack Pro 7.6 includes seamless integration with TestTrack TCM, Seapine's recently released test case management solution. This integration streamlines interaction between QA and development teams, providing testers and developers with the information they need to quickly test applications and fix defects. Version 7.6 also includes tighter integration with Seapine Surround SCM, which gives developers access to changelists from within TestTrack Pro and the ability to view all defect data from within Surround SCM. TestTrack Pro 7.6 also includes multiple selection custom fields, single sign-on support, integration with Subversion, MySQL support for backend databases, and additional usability enhancements. The TestTrack SDK and SoloSubmit, which were previously available separately, are also now bundled with TestTrack Pro. The SOAP-based SDK enables users to integrate TestTrack Pro with other applications, extending its capabilities to meet business needs and automate the development process. Web-based SoloSubmit allows an unlimited number of customers and team members to submit issues and feature requests directly to TestTrack Pro projects.
Seapine Software
Phone: 513-754-1655

Visustin v4
Aivosto has updated Visustin, its automated software diagramming utility. With Visustin, developers can reverse engineer their .NET code into flow charts and UML activity diagrams. Users can print the diagrams or export to Visio, PowerPoint, or Word. The new Visustin v4 visualizes programs at three levels: a detailed flow chart, a "bird's eye" overview, and a codeless mode showing program structure only. Recent improvements include flow chart metrics, UML activity diagrams, and support for 29 programming languages including: Ada, ASP, BASIC, C/C++, C#, Clipper, COBOL, Fortran, Java, JSP, JavaScript, LotusScript, MASM, MSP430, NASM, Pascal/Delphi, Perl, PHP, PL/SQL, PowerScript, PureBasic, Python, QuickBASIC, REALbasic, T-SQL, VB, VBA, VB.NET, and Visual FoxPro. Standard Edition $299, Pro Edition $499. A free demo is available for download.

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