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Chart FX Gauges
Software FX is shipping Chart FX Gauges, an enterprise-level data visualization tool for developers. Chart FX Gauges delivers a set of .NET components that allow developers to integrate gauges into their WinForms and WebForms applications quickly and effectively, using either Visual Studio .NET (2003) or Visual Studio 2005. With the addition of Gauges to the Chart FX family of products, developers can easily create digital dashboards. The gauge types included are radial, horizontal and vertical gauges, digital meters, and LED panels. All gauge elements can be configured visually in the properties list, without the need for modal dialogs or separate designers. Each individual element of each gauge was created by professional graphic artists. These elements combine to create a photorealistic gauge complete with shadows, lighting, and glare effects. Chart FX Gauges are AJAX-enabled providing real-time capabilities in both Windows and Web Forms applications. Each Chart FX Gauges package provides a development seat for Windows and/or Web Forms plus a Web Forms server license. $599 per server/developer.
Software FX
Phone: 561-999-8888

CrypKey SDK 7
CrypKey has released CrypKey SDK 7. CrypKey SDK 7 is an easy-to-use, cost-effective solution for protecting intellectual property from unauthorized use. This latest version supports true client/server network licensing. In the past, CrypKey protected software from unauthorized use by licensing the computer that application was installed on. Today, CrypKey is designed to license an entire network. A software license can now be shared with any computer on a network without needing a shared drive. This means that a client can use an application anywhere on a network without needing to know where the license is stored. Some of the new features in CrypKey 7 include; an application can act as either a license server or a license client with little or no programming; automatic restart of servers upon reboot; support for an unlimited number of redundant servers; enhanced control and flexibility of the license server including the ability to specify domains, computers, and users that can or cannot use a particular license; the license client is not required to connect to a server's drive or know where the license resides on the network; a priority list of servers to check when searching for a license can also be set. The new Enhanced License Transfer feature of CrypKey SDK is designed to give customers a library-type model of "check-in and check-out" license usage. A user can now temporarily check out a license when the software is needed and then return it to the pool when the application is no longer required. CrypKey SDK also provides a licensing system that allows a license to be migrated to a computer where no license existed before. License transfers can be initiated anywhere on the network. Prices start at $1,745.00 per title.
Phone: 403-258-6274

Essential Grid for Windows Forms 4.4
Essential Grid from Syncfusion offers Microsoft Excel-like grid functionality and grouping support for both flat and hierarchical data sources. It supports expressions fields, filters, multi-column sorting, grouping, nested tables/hierarchies, and custom summaries. It allows detailed customization, all the way down to the cell level. Essential Grid offers multi-level Undo/Redo, OLE drag-and-drop support, shared scrollbar support, data/view separation, floating cells, more than 20 CellTypes, support for more than 150 formulas, advanced grouping, summaries, filters, and expressions support, and the ability to define and apply your own custom styles. New features in Essential Grid for Windows Forms 4.4 include: an enhanced GroupingGrid with optimized code to include only a few property settings; more Grid and GridGrouping browser samples have been added; and a HiddenScrollLogic feature has been added for better performance when syncing hidden rows and columns with the ScrollGrid. Essential Grid is available as a stand-alone product ($595 for the binary version and $995 for the version that includes full 100% C# source code) or as part of various product bundles.
Phone: 919-481-1974

Flare 2.0
MadCap Software recently announced the release of Flare 2.0 an XML-based help authoring system. New features in the latest release of Flare include support for Adobe FrameMaker and multi-language support. FrameMaker authors can bring their FrameMaker documents into a Flare project, and all of their formatting and other settings are transferred seamlessly. They can even continue to author in FrameMaker if they wish. When users want to create output, they can export back out to FrameMaker documents, to a number of online formats, or any combination that they want. Another improvement in Flare 2.0 is multi-language support. Documentation professionals can author content in several languages, including English, European languages (including Eastern European languages), and even double-byte languages such as Chinese, Japanese, and Korean. New WebHelp skins also allow users to create Help system interfaces in the language of their choice. Other new features include enhancements such as auto-numbering, MadCap Capture integration, MadCap Mimic integration, drag-and-drop, and more. $899.00.
MadCap Software
Phone: 858-320-0387

radControls Q4 2006
telerik has released radControls Q4 2006 for ASP.NET and Windows Forms. The latest release brings Vista-style controls for Windows Forms. The product enables developers to build interfaces with features such as zooming, rotation, Flash-like animations, vector transformations, and transparencies. Features include a new Ribbon-Bar control that helps developers organize application functionality in a single ribbon with an unlimited number of nested controls. This includes not only the Office 2007 look, but also the context-aware architecture with contextual tabs, and the newly added Key Tips, part of the ribbon-specific keyboard navigation. radControls also features Flash-like animations for the creation of animation effects, allowing developers to animate any numeric property and gradually change it from one state to another. The WinForms suite is also enriched with a Panelbar control that includes four different working modes, support for multiple columns, and hierarchical panelbar behavior through support for nesting of various items. Three key product updates in ASP.NET Q4 2006 include radEditor 7.0, radChart 3.0, and radGrid 4.5. radEditor now offers Word-like inline spellchecking. New features in radChart 3.0 include full Visual Studio 2005 design time support, comprehensive chart wizard, and advanced databinding capabilities. telerik radControls Q4 2006 is available with Single Developer licenses at $799 and Single Developer Subscription licenses at $999. The suite includes full C# and JavaScript source code and redistribution rights. The Q4 update is free for active Subscription customers and includes versions for both .NET 1.x and for .NET 2.0 (with full support for Visual Studio .NET 2005).
Phone: 866-886-0452

Spices.Net Suite
Spices.Net, from 9rays.Net, offers obfuscation, multiple-language decompilation, documentation managing services, modeling, and analytical features in one environment. Spices.Net Suite now includes one internal (system) module and five external modules including: Spices.Obfuscator (comprehensive protection of .NET assemblies); Spices.Decompiler (decompilation/disassembling to six languages); Spices.Modeler (models and diagrams that reflects various types of assembly members relationships and structure of .NET assembly); Spices.Investigator (.NET metadata browser at low level, provides detailed information on tokens); and Spices.Informer (assembly member information provider and reporter). Spices.Obfuscator offers an antiILDASM feature for prevention from most disassemblers/decompilers (such as ILDASM, Anakrino, Remotesoft Salamander Decompiler, and JungleCreatures Decompiler.Net). Spices.Decompiler offers decompilation features for six languages: IL(same functionality as Microsoft ILDASM utility), C#, C++, VB.Net, J#, and Delphi.Net. The new Spices.Documenter improves the process of documentation creation and management connected to your code. You can import existing xmldocs to Spices.Documenter .nrdoc or create projects in Spices.-Project and manage complete documentation for the project or solution in one document, externally from your source code. Environments supported in Spices.Net include; C#, J#, VB.Net, Delphi.Net, managed C++ extensions; ASP.Net; and .Net Framework 1.0 and 1.1, 2.0, .NET Compact Framework. The Spices.-Net Visual Studio Integration Pack integrates Spices.Net into Microsoft's Visual Studio development environment. Spices.Net Suite - $1192.95; Spices.Net Team Pack (4-5 machines) - $3292.95; Spices.VSIP.-Net Suite - $1392.95; Spices.-VSIP.Net Suite Team Pack (4-5 machines) - $4192.95.
Phone: 877-9RAYSNET or 877-972-9763

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