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FarPoint Spread for Web Forms 3.0, More

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c v 3.0
FarPoint Technologies has released an upgrade of its professional ASP.NET spreadsheet product FarPoint Spread for Web Forms. FarPoint Spread for Web Forms v 3.0 allows developers to add full-featured spreadsheet capabilities or highly advanced grid functionality to their ASP.NET applications. FarPoint has added Outlook-style grouping and load-on-demand features with additional page navigation, additional selection modes, and CSS support for sheet name tabs. Compiled against both the 1.1 and 2.0 Frameworks, Spread for Web Forms is a complete ASP.NET spreadsheet component that supports bound or unbound modes (no dataset needed), AJAX, native Microsoft Excel import/export, in-cell editing, multiple edits on multiple rows without server round trips, client-side column/row resizing, multiple sheets, searching, filtering, multiple cell types, validations, cell spans, multiple headers, over 300 built-in calculation functions, hierarchical display, and more. With load-on-demand, only the data needed is pulled down from the server and performance and speed are improved. FarPoint Spread for Web Forms v 3.0 is part of the overall .NET support available at FarPoint, which also includes a FarPoint Spread for Windows Forms product. Both products are available separately or together as a package for multiple-platform customers creating enterprise applications. Price: US $899; upgrades from previous versions of Spread begin at US $299.
FarPoint Technologies
Phone: 800-645-5913 or 919-460-4551

NI Measurement Studio 8.1
National Instruments recently released NI Measurement Studio 8.1, a suite of class libraries and user-interface controls for test, measurement, and automation applications built using Microsoft Visual Studio. Measurement Studio 8.1 simplifies and accelerates remote monitoring and control with new network variables that help engineers communicate between Microsoft Windows or Web-based applications and remote test machines. Measurement Studio 8.1 also introduces new user interface controls and extended graph functionality to help engineers inspect acquired data better. Engineers can combine new network variables featured in Measurement Studio 8.1 with Microsoft ASP.NET Web Forms controls originally introduced in Measurement Studio 8.0 to extend remote monitoring and control capabilities. ASP.NET controls give engineers the infrastructure to create dynamic Web pages that they can view from Web-enabled devices such as PDAs, smart phones and Linux, Mac OS, or Microsoft Windows machines. Network variables publish or subscribe to measurement data acquired from remote systems designed in Microsoft Visual Basic 2005, Microsoft Visual C# 2005, National Instruments LabWindows/CVI, or NI LabVIEW. This combination gives engineers the ability to create Web interfaces for real-time or Windows distributed test systems. Measurement Studio 8.1 also delivers new user interface enhancements with new interactive run-time controls. In addition, Measurement Studio 8.1 delivers enhancements such as error bands on the Microsoft .NET Framework-based graphs and the ability to add cursors, annotations, and tooltips to the Complex Graph. Price: Standard edition — $499, Professional edition — $1199, Enterprise Edition — $2399.
National Instruments
Phone: 888-280-7645

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