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ASPxTreeList, FinalBuilder v6, and SlickEdit 2008

This month's new releases.

Developer Express Inc. is now shipping ASPxTreeList, a Treeview-Grid control for Visual Studio. The ASPxTreeList data visualization system can display information as a TREE, a GRID, or a combination of both in either data-bound or unbound modes. The control shares the existing DevExpress appearance and data management technologies for ASP.NET. Features include on-demand loading of individual nodes and callback support. ASPxTreeList can determine which portion of the tree to be renewed, so it doesn't need to transmit the entire tree structure when being updated.

ASPxTreeList provides four data-binding options, including Unbound Mode, Dynamic Node Loading, Bind to a Hierarchical Data Source, or Bind to a Standard Data Source. ASPxTreeList also allows you to sort nodes against an unlimited number of columns and includes five built-in functions for summarizing data across all records or only for those records with a common parent.

Developer Express Inc.
Price: $199.99 with full source code, $149.99 without full source code. Renewal Pricing: $79.99 with full source code, $59.99 without full source code
Phone: 702-262-0609

FinalBuilder 6
VSoft Technologies Pty. Ltd. is now shipping FinalBuilder 6, a visual IDE for developers that simplifies the process of automating builds quickly and easily.

FinalBuilder 6 includes FinalBuilder Server, a Continuous Integration Server that provides a Web interface for managing automation projects. This enables the software-development team to monitor and control all of their builds. FinalBuilder Server lets authorized users schedule, start, and stop any build.

FinalBuilder can auto-mate more than 600 functions, including the scheduling of daily or nightly builds, running multiple tasks in parallel, handling errors, and dynamically changing the build flow. FinalBuilder works with version control systems to find, label, and check files in and out, as well as implement continuous integration. You can create and edit INI files, create Windows Registry keys, run automated testing, send files using FTP to and from servers, send e-mails, and post information on news servers.

New features also include support for PowerShell and a choice of VBScript or JavaScript as a FinalBuilder scripting language. The Action Log is now color-coded to help you identify errors, warnings, successes, and other information. Other improvements in version 6 include performance enhancements, improved output quality, and action output monitors.

FinalBuilder 6
VSoft Technologies Pty. Ltd.
Price: pricing begins at $299 for the Standard version and $499 for the Professional version
Phone: +61 2 6282 7488

SlickEdit 2008
SlickEdit Inc. has released SlickEdit 2008 -- a cross-platform, multilanguage code editor that supports more than 40 languages on seven platforms. SlickEdit 2008 adds new core editing features, such as Adaptive Formatting that scans a file for the formatting styles in use and automatically matches those settings for the current editing session; a Quick Brace/Unbrace feature that converts single line statements into brace-enclosed blocks; URLs that now appear as hyperlinks in editor windows; a new clipboards tool window; the ability to import Makefiles for projects not originally created in SlickEdit; and enhanced auto-generation of document comments.

SlickEdit 2008 also features a new Options dialog that provides navigation buttons to jump to previously viewed options pages; an incremental search function to find options that contain specific text; a way to mark frequently used options pages as "favorites" for quicker access; and an Options History feature to see which options have been changed, and when.

More information and free trial downloads are available at

SlickEdit 2008
SlickEdit Inc.
Price: pricing starts at $299 for new licenses
Phone: 919-473-0070

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