.NET PRODUCT WATCH: Infragistics' Quince, Coverity Prevent, Gizmox Visual WebGui, More

Infragistics has launched Quince, a new (and free) "interactive [User Experience] UX patterns catalog and community resource to build user interfaces," as the company describes it.

According to the launch announcement, the site is debuting with 90 UX patterns with more to come. The Microsoft Silverlight-based site offers developers a community atmosphere to learn from other developers and share ideas and designs while also offering plenty of how-to information, Infragistics said.

"Quince is about providing more than a 'box of tools' and instead helps developers create an experience that is visually stunning and compelling for the end user," commented Dean Guida, CEO of Infragistics, in a prepared statement.

Registration is required to access the Quince site. More information on Quince can be found here.

Coverity Prevent Expands MS Support
Coverity recently announced that it has updated its Coverity Prevent statistical analysis software with several new features, including support for Visual Studio in the form of its new Coverity Prevent Desktop for Visual Studio, which support Visual Studio 2005 and 2008.

"With this capability, users can take advantage of a unified interface for software development as well as detecting critical quality and security defects," the company stated. "Analyses can also be shared with distributed teams by merging results with a remote database." And Eclipse version is also available.

Other new features include Win32 Concurrency support for multi-core software projects, C# Concurrency defect detection and support for all Microsoft platforms, from Vista to Windows Automotive to even the Xbox.

Prevent is available in for C#, C/C++ and Java. More information about this release can be found here.

Gizmox's Visual WebGui Launches Commercial Edition
Gizmox recently announced a commercial version of its Visual WebGui (VWG) product. Visual WebGui Professional Studio is aimed at enterprises and offers an "enterprise-grade" warranty and unlimited technical support, according to the company.

But it's not just support. Enterprises also get new features aimed at them, Gizmox said, including "enterprise-grade scalability and redundancy with server extensions," plus hot-fixes, prototyping and other services.

"Visual WebGui is a unique cost reducer in the development cycles, and migration of data-centric, business Web applications," said Gizmox CEO and founder Navot Peled in a prepared statement. "Our existing community of developers is one of VWG's biggest assets, and we are going to offer our community an easy way to upgrade to the commercial Studio and a convenient way to continue developing free, non-commercial open source applications."

More information about the new release can be found here.

MadCap Feedback Server Gets Update
MadCap Software has just released a new version of MadCap Feedback Server, a "server-based feedback system for content development teams," according to the company.

The new version offers a number of new collaboration features -- such as topic ratings, "blog-style" commenting, customizable user profiles and e-mail notifications -- plus performance enhancements around scaling, improved management features and new reporting features, among others.

"Using our MadCap Feedback Server, growing numbers of companies are increasing the value of their content by moving beyond static information delivery to enable dynamic interaction between authors and readers -- whether they are customers, partners or other employees,” said Anthony Olivier, MadCap co-founder and CEO, in a prepared statement. "With version 2.0, our Feedback Server takes collaboration to a new level by allowing readers to customize their experience, providing authors with greater insight into readers' usage, and ensuring the rapid system response that encourages Web 2.0-enabled community interaction."

More information on MadCap Feedback can be found here.

MobileForms Toolkit Update Coming
This week Resco announced that it will be updating its MobileForms Toolkit with new controls "that will be optimized for Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 and the Microsoft .NET Compact Framework 3.5."

Resco's MobileForms Toolkit 2009, released last month, offers developers features like the Resco Toolbar Control, which the company calls an "advanced version" of Microsoft's toolbar and includes an Advanced Graphic Interface and touch control. Other features of the product include Resco Tab Control and Resco Tooltip Control, and all three "are primarily focused on the Touch functionality and improved graphic interface," according to the company.

The new version will debut Feb. 17, Resco said.

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