Swordfish SOA To Become Part of Eclipse

Sopera, creators of the Swordfish SOA runtime framework, this week plans to announce that Swordfish has officially become part of the Eclipse platform

German-based Sopera -- a spin-off from German postal service Deutsche Post AG, which has been using Swordfish for a number of years to manage its logistics business -- will make the announcement at the EclipseCon 2009 conference in Santa Clara.

Swordfish is designed to provide an extensible framework that allows application developers using Eclipse to build service-oriented business applications. It's built on a number of open source components, including Apache ServiceMix and Apache CXF, as well as Equinox, the Eclipse Foundation's OSGi implementation.

It supports connectors for BPM/BPEL engines, legacy systems, packaged software and applications in Java and .NET. There is, in fact, a native .NET implementation of Swordfish. "This is very important because .NET and Java are the major platforms in enterprises, and interoperability between them is becoming critical," said Ricco Deutscher, Sopera's CTO and co-founder.

Swordfish is on the list of technologies included with the Eclipse Foundation's Galileo simultaneous release expected in June. The Eclipse Foundation is set to announce separately the first major release of Swordfish, version 0.8, which will become what Eclipse Foundation Executive Director Mike Milinkovich described as a cornerstone of Eclipse SOA, a larger initiative aimed at fusing SOA-related projects within Eclipse. The framework will be tightly integrated with SOA tools that are already part of the Eclipse ecosystem, according to Deutscher.

"As of today, there are good SOA components in Eclipse," Deutscher said. "But there is no integrated SOA platform. We want to develop that in Eclipse based on the existing technologies."

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