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July Product Watch: AVIcode Intercept uX, Mykonos 1.0, More

AVIcode Intercept uX
AVIcode's new Intercept uX is an application monitoring and logging utility that provides detailed information on the behavior and health of browser-based Web applications. Unlike server-side monitoring, Intercept uX measures operations that impact what the company calls the "keyboard to eyeball" response time of applications. The server-based software collects data by injecting JavaScript-based dynamic agents into monitored Web pages. The logic enables Intercept uX to peer into any .NET-based application process and provide rich reporting and links to underlying methods and code.

Intercept uX includes a rich, browser-based user interface that lets users identify performance issues or failures, and immediately click through to assess the underlying systems and code. Users can set thresholds and use the built-in reporting displays to focus on the most significant or common problems. Integration with Visual Studio lets developers link all the way back to the original C# or VB.NET code.

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Figure 1. Intercept uX lets users quickly target application performance issues.

Intercept uX
AVIcode Inc.
Price: Starts at $7,995 per server

Mykonos 1.0 AJAX Security Framework
Mykonos has released its Mykonos enterprise development framework and security service. Intended for developers building AJAX-based rich Internet apps, San Francisco-based Mykonos provides a server-based abstraction layer that helps shield and harden vulnerable AJAX components and logic from attack.

Mykonos is server-deployed software that provides a layer of infrastructure and services to establish a boundary between client systems and the application server. Mykonos CEO David Koretz says the approach addresses a host of common AJAX vulnerabilities, including SQL injection, code insertion and cross-site scripting attacks.

The Mykonos framework includes a logging engine that instantiates a session for each AJAX application and asynchronously monitors the client. Component-level filtering protects against injection and reverse engineering, while AJAX components are obfuscated and communicate with the server via a central remote procedure call (RPC) layer, rather than directly with the server.

In addition to an AJAX client library with more than 50 GUI controls, Mykonos includes a Visual Builder module for rapid application development. The Visual Builder integrates with Visual Studio. Mykonos is delivered as a hosted service.

Mykonos 1.0
Mykonos LLC
Price: $1,995 per developer per year, including support
877-889-4647; 650-329-9000

Borland TeamDefine
Borland TeamDefine is a requirements-management package that promises to reduce the amount of costly changes to software projects by enabling visual mockups and dynamic interaction among stakeholders in the application development process. A design canvas lets developers drag and drop program elements, which they then link together by drawing out connections to data and logic. TeamDefine works with sample data and logic to enable functional, interactive simulations of program behavior. These simulations can be published to a URL so they're accessible from a Web browser.

TeamDefine integrates with Borland's Caliber RM enterprise requirements management product, and company executives say the tooling will extend integration to third-party requirements packages, by way of Borland's Open ALM framework.

Borland Software Corp.
Price: $3,000 per developer with unlimited reviewer seats

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