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In the March C# Corner column ("Using LINQ to Express Intent"), Patrick Steele explained how to use LINQ outside of databases to make code easier to read and maintain.

Good article. I'm wondering, though, about the performance implications here. Will using LINQ to do some of these things be less efficient? I'm not sure what's happening under the covers, for example, when I do .Skip(1) rather than just looping starting at index 1.

Craig Fisher
Seattle, Wash.
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I just finished reading this article this morning. It was well written, made the case for expressing intent with LINQ very well, and I even learned a new thing or two. Excellent work.

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Nesting in Visual Basic
Karl E. Peterson got developers' attention with his online Classic VB column ("Creating Nested Folders," February 2010), which told readers how to skip the single API call and instead build nested folder directories with native code.

We've been using the API function Private Declare Function MakeSureDirectory-PathExists Lib "IMAGEHLP.DLL" (ByVal DirPath As String) As Long, which creates the desired folder all in one hit.

Mark Williams
United Kingdom
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[The] algorithms in this code will be useful for Visual Basic 2008 and C# as well. Although the VisualBasic.My NameSpace will create nested directories, the standard .NET Framework doesn't have the ability to create nested directories in a single call.

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FileSystemObject isn't part of the Visual Basic 6 language-it's an external dependency, and sometimes IT administrators disable it in their zeal for security. In my opinion it's best avoided, especially when you can easily do file and directory manipulation in pure Visual Basic 6.

Mark J.
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