Using Razor with Visual Basic: Listing 5.

Sending an e-mail in Visual Basic with MvcMailer.

The controller method to generate an e-mail with MvcMailer in Visual Basic:
' POST: /Customer/Email
  <HttpPost()> _
  Function Email(ByVal id As String, 
    ByVal collection As FormCollection) As ActionResult
    Imports Mvc.Mailer
    Dim customer = New Customers
      Dim emailForm = New CustomerEmail() 'From Models folder
      customer = dc.Customers.Where(Function(x) x.CustomerID = 

      Dim message = New Net.Mail.MailMessage(
        from:=New Net.Mail.MailAddress("[email protected]"),
        [to]:=New Net.Mail.MailAddress(emailForm.ToAddress))
      message.Subject = "Welcome to our web site!"

      Dim mailer = New MailerBase()
      Session("emailInfo") = emailForm
      Session("customer") = customer

      mailer.PopulateBody(message, viewName:="CustomerEmail")

      Return RedirectToAction("Index")
    Catch ex As Exception
      ViewBag.ErrorMessage = ex.Message
      Return View(customer)
    End Try
  End Function

The Razor view engine that populates the body of the HTML e-mail using Visual Basic:

  Layout = Url.Content("~/Views/Shared/_EmailLayout.vbhtml")
  Dim emailInfo = CType(Session("emailInfo"), MVC3RazorVB.CustomerEmail)
  Dim customer = CType(Session("customer"), MVC3RazorVB.Customers)
End Code

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Our records indicate the following contact information. Please contact us with any correctons at <a href="mailto:[email protected]">[email protected]</a>.<br />
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