Microsoft Calls on the Amazon Cloud

Windows Phone developers can now take advantage of cloud services beyond Windows Azure.

An open source SDK for developing Windows Phone applications that connect to Amazon Web Services reached beta earlier this month. The Microsoft toolkit provides libraries (C# APIs) and sample code to enable Windows Phone developers to connect existing apps and new projects to Amazon Web Services.

The toolkit is also designed to help AWS developers port their Android and iOS applications to Windows Phone. AWS SDKs for Android and iOS are currently available from Amazon. In a blog about the beta release, Microsoft's Adalberto Foresti said, "For developers familiar with AWS, whether they’ve been developing for Android, iOS or any other technology, this SDK will allow them to comfortably port their applications to the Windows Phone Platform."

The Amazon Web Services SDK for Windows Phone supports Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3), which uses buckets for data storage; Amazon Simple Database Service (SimpleDB), a managed NoSQL service that is currently in beta; and Amazon Simple Queue Service (SQS), which supports messaging for automated workflows. Amazon Simple Notification Service (SNS) is not supported.

Microsoft also provides Windows Phone developers with the Windows Azure Toolkit for Windows Phone and source code, which is available under the Microsoft Public License (Ms-PL) on CodePlex. It supports Windows Azure storage services, membership-based authentication and authorization, as well as Microsoft and Apple push notifications.

The Amazon Web Services SDK for Windows Phone and source code are available on GitHub under the Apache license 2.0. Get the download here.The AWS SDK requires Visual Studio 2010 Express for Windows Phone and the Windows Phone SDK. Getting Started information can be found here.

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