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Windows Phone Moves to the Front of the Store

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During a trip to a local retailer, VSM Editor in Chief Keith Ward noticed dramatic improvements in Windows Phone merchandising and the salesperson's knowledge of the latest devices. He chronicled his experience in his OnWard and UpWard blog ("A Windows Phone Sea Change?" May 1, 2012). Readers respond:

I agree with [Ward] 100 percent in that the first step to success for any product trying to break into a mature market is product awareness. Even though market share won't increase dramatically with the release of the Lumia 900, it certainly will set the table for even better success with future phones.

Calgary, Alberta, Canada

I met someone tonight who proudly showed me his Lumia 900 that he left Verizon and Android to get. That's huge (at least when you multiply that kind of switch by thousands).

Patrick Foley
Grand Rapids, Mich.

Microsoft has a long way to go to change the perception of existing phone users.

Atlanta, Ga.

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