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Reader Feedback: Dev Disasters, Extend Classes

We rounded up readers' development misadventures for the December 2012 cover story, "Dev Disasters -- Why They Happen, How to Overcome Them". No surprise, when projects go horribly wrong, it's entertaining -- as long as it's not happening to you!

Great stuff! IMO, you can leave out the code snips -- the last thing I want to do is search the author's code for bugs when I have my own to debug. Just articulate the problem, those stories are way more entertaining ...

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Please keep the Dev Disasters column going!! I love reading these stories! Excellent stuff!!!

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VSM Tools Editor Peter Vogel hates making changes to working code. He shared another method in his Dec. 3, 2012, .NET Tips and Tricks blog, "Extend Classes Without Changing Code".

Thanks! I never knew this existed. It seems like it would best be used where source code isn't available (purchased DLL, for example). If source is available, I would add the method to the base class. If you don't want to risk an expansion of changes to the original source, you can use a separate source file and make it a partial class.

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