Rackspace Cloud SDK for .NET Released

Rackspace US Inc. recently released its Rackspace Cloud SDK for Microsoft .NET, a suite of tools that enables .NET developers to work with the OpenStack cloud OS. OpenStack is an open source cloud computing platform created by Rackspace and NASA. The Rackspace Cloud SDK for .NET "lets the .NET community develop and consume cloud features or services," according to a blog post by Rackspace Product Marketing Manager Cole Humphreys. The product can be used to manage "production environments using Windows Server platforms running on a Rackspace hosted infrastructure," Humphreys notes.

The Rackspace Cloud SDK for .NET includes a language API and API reference manual, a Getting Started Guide, release notes and sample code, according to Humphreys' blog post. The Rackspace Cloud SDK is free and can be downloaded from GitHub or from within Visual Studio using the NuGet extension manager.

A complementary product, Rackspace PowerClient, is a Windows PowerShell-based API client that "helps simplify the workload for API calls," Humphreys explained in an interview. PowerClient works with the "Rackspace public cloud," his blog post notes, "and with our next-generation Cloud Servers powered by OpenStack."

Humphreys said the Rackspace Cloud SDK for .NET was created by .NET developers who work with Rackspace, and is a response to their needs as they shift from "a bare-metal mentality into the world of virtualization." According to Humphreys, "the .NET community is looking to move to the cloud." But there is "a challenge around awareness," he said, adding that the challenge will be to increase "awareness of what the cloud can do."

The Rackspace Cloud SDK for .NET shows "[our] commitment to our customers who are hosting Windows workloads," Humpreys said. "Rackspace is one of the few companies that can do advanced hosting models" such as public, private and hybrid clouds, he noted, adding that the Rackspace Cloud SDK for .NET is "a reminder that we can do this kind of stuff [with Windows workloads] and do it well."

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