Typemock Releases Isolator 7.4

Typemock Ltd. has released version 7.4 of its Isolator unit-testing and test-driven development (TDD) product. The updated Isolator is integrated with Visual Studio and works with many .NET technologies -- including Windows Communication Foundation (WCF), ASP.NET and Silverlight -- as well as code-testing tools such as NCover, TestMatrix and ReSharper.

"With this release, we've made writing, running, and handling the unit-testing process easier and more visible," said Eli Lopian, CEO of Typemock, in a company press release.

Among the additions to Isolator 7.4 is the new GetTimesCalled API, which the company describes as a tool that "helps check how many times a method was called so that assertions can be specified based on that number."

The updated Typemock SmartRunner tool, used for running tests and reporting results, now sorts tests automatically "so [developers] see the relevant tests on the production code," the press release explains. SmartRunner contains a component called Test Navigator, which simplifies the finding and fixing of bugs. "Once a unit test fails, the Test Navigator shows ... a list of methods with potential bugs, sorted by the most suspect methods, based on a usage and coverage analytics algorithm," the Isolator documentation explains.

Other improvements in Isolator 7.4 include "new keyboard shortcuts, re-running, re-debugging, and test windows that automatically open as [developers] navigate to them," according to the press release. By automating as many unit-testing processes as possible, Typemock aims to make the code-testing process seamless for developers -- including those working with legacy code.

"As developers ourselves, we believe that the computer should do all the hard and repetitive work, not the programmers," Lopian said. "Simply put: Our strategy is to make programmers' lives easy, and we're sticking to it."

There are three versions of Isolator 7.4 available, including a free, downloadable Isolator Basic package, which the company recommends for developers who aren't dealing with legacy code. Isolator Essential is priced at $799 and $2,499 for client and server, respectively. Isolator Complete, which is the only edition to include test code auto-completion and testing productivity features, is $1,598 and $4,998 for client and server, respectively.

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