Amazon Expands Its Windows Cloud Support

Amazon Web Services Inc. (AWS) has released the version 2 Developer Preview of its AWS SDK for .NET. Targeted at .NET developers, the SDK adds support for Windows Store and Windows Phone applications. The Developer Preview is the latest release from AWS that's aimed at Windows workloads -- and aimed at making the Amazon cloud a more competitive alternative to Windows Azure.

"With the new SDK, you can connect your Windows Phone or Windows Store apps to AWS services and you can build a cross-targeted application that's backed by AWS," Tom Rizzo, general manager of the Amazon EC2 team, wrote on the AWS Blog. "With this release, we add Windows Phone support to our growing SDK support for different mobile operating systems including our SDK for iOS and SDK for Android."

Rizzo explained that the other major improvement in the version 2 Developer Preview is "support for the task-based asynchronous pattern," which, he noted, "is supported across all services."

The version 2 Developer Preview of AWS SDK for .NET joins a growing list of AWS products for Microsoft developers. "Over the last few months, we have released a number of enhancements to help customers and partners build their Microsoft Windows-centric workloads on AWS," Rizzo wrote. He cited "guidance for running Exchange Server in the AWS Cloud," the AWS Toolkit for Visual Studio, and the new Amazon .NET Development blog as resources that AWS is now providing to make Microsoft devs feel at home in the Amazon cloud.

"If [Windows] PowerShell is what you use to automate Windows, we have the AWS Tools for Windows PowerShell," Rizzo added. "We recently enhanced our [Windows] PowerShell tools with automatic paging for large result sets and improved support for piping the output of one cmdlet to another cmdlet."

He encouraged developers to test the version 2 Developer Preview of AWS SDK for .NET, and to "tell us how we can better help you build .NET applications on AWS."

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