Visual Studio 2012.4 Release Candidate Available

It's the last upgrade before Visual Studio 2013 hits the streets.

The final release candidate (RC) for Visual Studio 2012.4, and Team Foundation Server (TFS) 2012.4 is available in the Microsoft Download Center.

The RC is the final step before the final version ships, in about a month, according to Microsoft Technical Fellow Brian Harry. He said on his blog that the latest version contains 68 bug fixes in all.

Harry also warns that users who install TFS 2012.4 RC4 will need to upgrade to the final release before upgrading to TFS 2013 (which will be out Oct. 18, the same day Visual Studio 2013 is being released.) "There is no upgrade path from the Update 4 RC –> 2013 RTM (other than by installing Update 4 RTM first)," Harry blogged.

Any feedback from using the RC will help Microsoft weed out any last-minute issues, Harry wrote. Some of the bugs fixed in the RC include those affecting Windows Forms; LightSwitch; the debugger; Profiler; C++; Entity Framework Tools; and the .NET Framework Core.

TFS is Visual Studio's collaboration tool, and is built into the IDE.

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