TypeScript 0.9.5 Released

It's the last version before the release candidate of the full 1.0 version comes out.

TypeScript inches toward its 1.0 release with the 0.9.5 version that came out yesterday. The latest iteration fixes more than "100 issues related to memory leaks, CPU usage, crashes, and compiler correctness," wrote Microsoft's Jonathan Turner on the TypeScript blog.

In addition to the fixes, two new features were added, according to Turner. One is a new Project Property Page that gives control over common project settings like "preferred module system for codegen, concatenating output, outputting .d.ts files, and managing debugging."

Also in 0.9.5, developers can add a _references.ts file to projects. The file is first passed to the compiler, "allowing you more control over the order the generated .js file when used in combination with the Combine JavaScript output into file option (the equivalent of using the --out command line option)," Turner blogged.

The upgrades to TypeScript have resulted in significantly faster build times for large projects, Turner wrote. A graphic shows compile times for "Monaco" and Xbox Music projects reduced by large amounts, including a speed increase of more than 50 percent for the Xbox Music project. "Monaco" is the code name for Visual Studio Online's browser-based development tool, announced last month.

TypeScript 1.0 is on the horizon, and Turner wrote that 0.9.5 will be the last incremental version before the release candidate of 1.0 comes out. He didn't give a timetable, however, for eitherĀ  the 1.0 RC or final version.

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