Visual Studio 2013 Update 1 Now Available

Update 2 is not far behind, either.

The first update to the latest version of Visual Studio is ready for download. Visual Studio 2013, Update 1 is a fairly small update by Visual Studio standards, mostly containing bug fixes, along with a few new features.

Microsoft Technical Fellow Brian Harry said in a blog entry that the update is "focused primarily on getting VS 2013 working better with versions of IE prior to IE 10."

Some of the new features that may be of interest to developers include:

  • A new version of Microsoft ASP.NET Web Frameworks and Tools (version 5.0.11213.0). It adds editing support for ASP.NET MVC 5.1 on top of all existing functionality from the Web Framework and Tools 5.0 release.
  • A new version of Nuget, 2.7.2. It fixes a bug which caused certain packages to fail when running package restore, update or uninstall.
  • Another Web tool, SignalR 2.0.1, which includes new item templates.
  • IntelliTrace Viewer users should note that it's been updated to support Internet Explorer 9.

One product that wasn't updated, but will be soon, Harry wrote, is Team Foundation Server (TFS). Although Update 1 doesn't include anything new for TFS, Update 2, which he said is "very close behind" Update 1, will have a new version of TFS. A Community Technology Preview (CTP) for Update 2 should be just around the corner, Harry predicted. The TFS update is focused around Agile Project Management and Git tooling.

Visual Studio 2013 was originally released last October. It came quickly on the heels of Visual Studio 2012, being one of Microsoft's first major products to conform to Redmond's new paradigm of more frequent but smaller product releases. Update 1 was first announced last Dec. 9.

You can get Visual Studio 2013 Update 1 from the Microsoft Download Center.

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