Visual Studio Online Turns Up AD Support, Portal Integration

A few features get fine-tuned, including how Visual Studio Online is able to add a directory to an existing account to better centralize identity management.

The Visual Studio Online Team has updated a few features in Visual Studio Online that will make working with existing projects, as well as projects that originate afresh from Visual Studio Online, easier.

Sean McBreen, Microsoft principal program manager for Shared Cloud Services, blogged about the features in detail. In short, an improvement based on user requests has been made to how to connect existing corporate accounts via Active Directory to an existing Visual Studio Online account. That support means better centralized management and security of accounts, with preservation of "team members' work item history and links, team memberships, and user plans," McBreen said.

The AD support also lends itself to another fine-tuning of another feature, which is the ability to connect existing corporate accounts created on the Microsoft Azure Preview Portal to existing Visual Studio Online accounts. Prior to this week's feature refresh, only Visual Studio Online accounts that were created from the Preview Portal were able to connect and be seen within the interface.

Both features are now enabled under the Configure tab of the Azure Management Portal page.

That's not it, though. New features include the ability to add trend charts and account deletion. Trend charts have a number of features that allow data to be visualized graphically. McBreen said: "Just like other charts, these new chart types can be pinned to your homepages to create rich team and project dashboards."

Accounts can also be deleted at any time, something that couldn't be done before this week's feature refresh.

The Visual Studio team last week announced a change in Visual Studio Online licensing.

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