XSD 4 Supports C++ 11

Version 4 of the XML Schema-to-C++ compiler now supports Visual Studio versions 2012 and 2013.

Code Synthesis Tools has released a version of XSD that supports more recent versions of C++, including the latest versions of Visual Studio. It also has a number of new features, including support for ordered types and streaming of XML processes.

Code Synthesis describes XSD as an open source, cross-platform XML Schema-to-C++ compiler. In lieu of reading and writing raw XML to access data, XSD generates C++ classes to parse and serialize XML code, which in turn can be used to access data stored in XML through types and functions.

New with version 4 is support for a number of C++ versions, and in particular Visual Studio 2012 and Visual Studio 2013. Also new is support for ordered types. When XSD flattens an XML Schema compositor into C++ API, the more complex schemas can sometimes reorder elements at random. Ordered type support comes in handy for those instances in which element ordering is "semantically important to the application," and it's just a matter of marking types as ordered, according to release notes published on the company's blog.

Other new features and improvements:

  • An approach for working with mixed content that preserves them in some ordered, useful fashion when extracted.
  • Ability to get the XML Schema types anyType and anySimpleType as text strings.
  • An improvement in n-memory XML process streaming allows XML documents to be parsed, serialized in chunks as they become available.

For more, check out the release here.

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