New Python Tools for Visual Studio Aim for Web

Python 2.1 for Visual Studio adds templates for working with Python-based Web frameworks from Django, Bottle and Flask.

An update to Python Tools for Visual Studio (PTVS) is aimed at streamlining the development workflow with popular Python-based Web frameworks, as well as adds a Machine Learning Pack. The new features get highlighted in a post from Shahrokh Mortazavi with the Azure Machine Learning Group.

PVTS version 2.1 primarily adds templates to work with Django, Bottle and Flask, lightweight Web frameworks used by Python developers. The templates aren't full-blown, but "starter" templates to get developers started quickly, with scaffolding to help those building Web sites in Microsoft Azure.

Mortazavi notes that Microsoft has baked in Python support in Azure "for some time," and the PVTS update adds support for Web and Worker Roles when building cloud projects through the Azure cloud service. Mortazavi's blog shows an example of the templates, as well as debugging through Django (via a Web link).

PVTS also adds a Machine Learning Pack. It's a separate download for those who want to use it to develop Data Science-driven projects, which are projects that use complex data and science-based analytics and programming. Support for data science-related Python extensions are expected in subsequent packs, but the emphasis is on Azure Machine Learning. As a side note, further development of PVTS has been moved under the auspices of the Azure Machine Learning Group.

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