Syncfusion Sweetens ASP.NET Features in Essential Studio 2014 Volume 4

The company touts this release as the biggest yet for mobile developers, but those using it with ASP.NET will find lots to love in the number of new controls that span several tools across the Microsoft suite.

Syncfusion touts the release of its mobile development suite, Essential Studio 2014 Volume 4, as the biggest so far. They aren't kidding. Besides more than a handful of new controls and features aimed at being able to natively develop Android and iOS apps, it's packed with stuff for those working with ASP.NET, WPF, and Lightswitch.

New on the Android and iOS side are 15 Chart types, three new Gauge controls (linear, digital, and circular), and a dynamic TreeMap control that provides a tiled and weighted view of flat and hierarchical data. The control work similarly on most Android devices as well as across iPhones and iPads.

Windows Phones aren't ignored, with a Chart control that can zoom or pan around a table or data interactively; a RichTextBoxAdv control that allows for more flexible find-and-replace capabilities and better regular expression searching; and a DataGrid control that can resize based on content.

The update also includes a similar number of charting and gauge control updates for those working in JavaScript and ASP.NET and ASP.NET MVC; an official release of LightSwitch HTML, Microsoft's IDE for creating data-driven business apps tuned for mobile devices; and support for Xamarin.Forms

On a related note, SyncFusion has made Essential Studio 2014 free for use to individuals and small business owners, in a version called Essential Studio Enterprise Edition Community License that packages up Essential Studio with the the company's Syncfusion Plus program of development services. That version can be used for commercial applications to businesses with up to five users. More information on Syncfusion Plus is here.

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