NCache Distributed Cache for .NET Gets Open Sourced

Alachisoft frees up its in-memory distributed cache solution through the Apache 2.0 open source license.

Alachisoft, the makers of the NCache Distributed Cache for .NET, earlier this month said that it has open sourced the tool, which is now available through GitHub.

 ".NET developers finally have unrestricted access to a truly elastic Distributed Cache that fits in nicely with their application's stack," said Alachisoft Technology Evangelist Iqbal Khan, through a press release. "We are confident that because of this, we'll see a mushrooming of high-transaction .NET applications."

NCache is an in-memory distributed cache aimed at speeding up transaction-heavy processes often associated with database-driven apps and data storage. The idea is to reduce the number of trips that apps have to make back to the database through a scalable cache, thus improving performance and reducing bottlenecks.

It was developed in C# and the company said it's fully .NET native, which means it can be hooked into any "ASP.NET, WCF and .NET Web services, .NET grid computing applications, and any other server-type .NET applications with high transactions." 

NCache Open Source is free and can be downloaded through the company's Web site and GitHub now; it's open sourced through the Apache 2.0 open source license.

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