Telerik DevCraft Update Features New Cross-Platform Controls

The Telerik DevCraft suite of .NET development tools was updated today with new controls for mobile app development within Visual Studio, among many other enhancements, new owner Progress Software Corp. announced.

"With the Q1 release, Telerik products offer a number of new controls that provide fundamental building blocks for every mobile application, including ListView and SideDrawer for Xamarin and Windows Universal, as well as DataSource for Windows Universal," the company said in a statement today.

Universal Windows apps are kind of a convergence of Windows Phone and straight Windows development, letting coders target all Windows devices with a unified Windows runtime and Visual Studio tools.

Those tools include the new DevCraft suite, which emphasizes cross-platform development with its Xamarin and Windows Universal updates.

The Telerik "what's new" site says the UI for Windows Universal features better data visualization capabilities and an enhanced UX. In addition to the aforementioned controls, it adds LoopingList to work with large columnar data sets and NumericBox for the selection of numeric values within a predefined range.

On the Web side of things, "Telerik UI for ASP.NET AJAX introduces a new Bootstrap-inspired skin, a navigation control designed for building responsive Web sites, as well as lightweight rendering mode for multiple controls," the company said.

The new suite also features Visual Studio productivity enhancements and new report management functionality.

"Telerik DevCraft has taken our developer experience to the next level," the company quoted customer Ben Hayat at Micro Intelligence Corp. as saying. "We've been able to significantly reduce development times and adopt agile development practices, enabling our team to accelerate mission-critical projects and create innovative new applications for desktop, mobile and Web."

DevCraft editions range from $1,299 to $1,999, per developer, with a free trial available.

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